no_bulliesHi there! :) I’m Thorny Sterling and this is my website.

Real quick: I’m genderfluid and queer, I’m married to a wonderful and sexy bisexual man ;) and in addition to blogging about my life I also write m/m romance fiction — my first published novel is SPLINTERS! :D — paint both digitally and in acrylics, and offer ebook services to self-publishing authors. So, if you’re cool with all that and have read our Community Code of Conduct, feel free to look around, join in the conversations, and definitely say “hi” wherever you find me.

Read The Blog

Some people like to read from the beginning because they say it’s like a really good book — which is very awesome, I think. Others love my little “many adventures of Thorny” posts because I write about something I’ve done (that usually got me in trouble) like it was a story. My husband Jazz writes posts sometimes, and I share videos of songs I like, too. And some of you are devoted to Alec, who shares his experiences of being gay and a disabled US Marine among other topics…like his cat Ben. Lately, Alec’s fiancé Carter — who’s also Jazz’s little brother ;) — has taken to posting sometimes, too. (Your first comment will be moderated.)

Sunshine eBook Services

Sunshine Book Services
by Thorny! :D


My Stories

Anything fictional that I’ve written will be on this page. All the SPLINTERS buy links and info are linked from here, as well as links to downloadable or posted stories. (I wrote a book! Can you believe it?! :) )

Sunshine Paintings & Art=

ArtEqualsLogo-smSunshine Paintings is my online store where I sell original acrylic paintings and high-quality prints. I mostly paint landscapes, still lifes, and flowers right now, but I’ve been working on portraits and pets some too lately.

Art Equals (Art=) is a collective of artists spanning the gender identity spectrum, as well as the globe, who are committed to helping create a better world for GLBTQ people through sales of their artwork. Upon the sale of selected artworks, each artist donates a portion of that sale directly to one of our supported charities.

The Sunshine Shop

By popular demand ;) I created a Zazzle shop where you can purchase items with my sunshine avatar (Sunny) and various other artwork on them.

Equality Street Men's T-shirt at Zazzle.com (Women's Tees available too!)
Equality Street Men’s T-shirt at Zazzle.com (Women’s Tees available too!)