no_bulliesHi there! I’m Thorny Sterling and this is my website :)

Real quick, I’m genderfluid but usually identify as male, I’m married to a wonderful and sexy man ;) , and in addition to blogging about my life I also write m/m romance fiction — I just published a novel called SPLINTERS! :D — and paint both digitally and in acrylics. So, if you’re cool with all that, feel free to look around, join in the conversations, and definitely say “hi” wherever you find me.

Read My Blog

Some people like to read from the beginning because they say it’s like a really good book–which is very awesome, I think. Others love my little “many adventures of Thorny” posts because I write about something I’ve done (that usually got me in trouble) like it was a story. My husband Jazz writes posts sometimes, and I share videos of songs I like too. And some of you are devoted to my blogmate and brother-in-law Alec, who shares his experiences in Recovery. (Your first comment will be moderated.)

My Stories

Anything fictional that I’ve written will be on this page. All the SPLINTERS buy links and info are linked from here, as well as links to downloadable or posted stories. (I wrote a book! Can you believe it?! :) )

The Sunshine Shop

By popular demand ;) I created a CafePress shop where you can purchase items with my sunshine avatar on them. I also have items with some of my paintings on them too.

These and more available in Thorny Sterling's Sunshine Shop!

These and more available in Thorny Sterling’s Sunshine Shop!