Book I Love: Static by LA Witt

StaticStatic by L.A. Witt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was another that caused a discussion between me and my bi husband. Particularly the part where Damon finally sees Alex and not male or female. That’s what my husband can do and it’s something I’m still trying to understand and maybe see for myself. This book helped me get a little closer to that. I want to see the soul inside the shell.

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14 thoughts on “Book I Love: Static by LA Witt

  1. Nancy

    I LOVED this book because of the thoughts and rumblings of Damon, what went on inside his head. Alex’s inner struggle with being static was just as fascinating. I also gave it 5 stars


  2. Angel

    I have this on my TBR list. L.A. Witt is one of my fave authors. It is always a truly wonderful thing when a person can see someone for WHO they are and not what gender they are.It can be difficult to do but… It’s what’s inside a persons heart that counts.


  3. This came extremely highly recommended, and it’s on my tbr pile (which is now taller than I am!). Also on the pile is Blacker than Black, which (I understand) has similar gender themes and is also extremely highly recommended.


  4. @Thorny – hope it is OK, me stopping by? This is the first LA Witt book I have ever read, but it won’t be the last. I found it an absolutely fascinating read.

    @Carnell – Hot Summer Days sounds good! *off to GoodReads to learn more*


    1. Carnell

      Orannia, I loved reading those stories, all of them. They are now published as a four volume set titled “Don’t Read in the Closet”, availabable for free on GR.
      Lee Brazil’s story is titled “Be a Bad Boy” and you can find it in the first volume. :)


  5. Elci

    Great book. The shell that attracts me is that of a cisgendered male. That’s just how that goes, but yeah at the end of it all it’s the soul that keeps me.


  6. Carnell

    Book on my TBR list as well. Yeah!

    I must say it was a subject I had a hard time with, too. Then, I read a story from Lee Brazil for the Hot Summer Days last year that made me think a lot about it. I still have those words in my mind. Hope you don’t mind if I share this little excerpt here.
    Devyn is bi. Sully, after seeing Devyn talking with a woman, get jealous. Here their talk.

    Sully :”I know you’re bi. And they can give you something I can’t. I’m afraid if you ever leave me it’s going to be for a woman.”
    D: “I won’t, you know.”
    S: “Won’t?”
    D: “Leave you for a woman. (…) I love you Sullivan J. Moore.” He pressed his hand on Sully’s chest, directly over his heart. “The person here. I don’t love you cuz you’re a guy. I won’t stop loving you cuz you’re not a woman.”

    With those words he said it all. Somehow, it was clear to me then.

    Cannot wait to read Static. I love learning about love.


  7. Book totally changed my life. Glad that you enjoyed it as well Thorny and that it caused such a beautiful reaction in you. I’m very glad that Jazz is the type of person who can see the soul inside of the shell and I’ll tell you what Thorny, you saw the soul inside of me before anyone else, before I even saw him. So you’re a lot closer than you think.


  8. Shell

    O, this is on my tbr list!

    I’ve always thought people become more or less attractive based on who they are and that gender doesn’t really matter. So, I guess I’m kind of with Jazz on that, but to be fair I think it’s probably loads easier to do when you’re bi.


  9. Although there is a difference between seeing the soul inside the shell and having a sexual attraction to that person regardless of which form they are wearing. Being able to do the first does not automatically imply the second. So it’s not some deficiency of yours if loving someone who is female doesn’t ever come with physical attraction. Even though the largest sex organ in the human body is the brain, I’m not sure any amount of love and admiration for a person’s soul can necessarily drive sexual attraction a direction that has otherwise held no interest. Byt hey, there’s the GFY/BFY question arising again. It’s cool that this book gives a different look at the question in a unique way.


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