Summer Plans

If you didn’t see the comments in my last post about school, here’s the official word: I passed my watercolor class! :D

My prof was impressed with my improvement over the semester, which counted for a lot with him. He invited me to take the advanced class but my nonverbal first reaction let him know that wouldn’t be happening, but thanks for asking. I’m actually interested in doing more with drawing because, of all the watercolor crap, I did like best the sketching you do first. There’s a tiny art gallery around here that has Saturday classes sometimes, so I thought I’d check out a drawing class if they have one.

That would be the only class I plan to take this summer, though. It wasn’t awful to have 4 classes this time, but it will be nice to take a break from that pace for a while. There are 2 summer sessions and Jazz has said not to swear off taking something in the second session just yet even though I’m dead set on not taking one in the first session. So OK, I won’t say never, but I’m not really looking.

So my summer will mostly be working for Mr. Dean Sir and that’s perfectly fine with me. I’m on vacation this week, though, both because I wanna and because my friend Elizabeth is coming to visit (FINALLY!) for the first time in forever. She’s staying with some friends of ours who have an apartment and I have all kinds of plans for showing her around. She’s never met Jazz in person, for one thing, seen our house or where we work, hasn’t seen my dad since she was a kid, and I’m planning to throw her into Jazz’s family because Mama Bear could use another daughter and Elizabeth could use a real mom. (Unfortunately, there aren’t any singletons to match Elizabeth up with, but I’ll keep looking.)

Jazz and I have some vague ideas for a couple of small vacations this summer, there will be the finishing of the backyard — deck, landscaping, etc. — writing lots more, Jazz’s 30th and Grams’ 75th birthdays :) and general normalness. Aside from the extreme fun of entertaining Elizabeth and being entertained by her this week, my plans are really to wallow in laziness and take care of my hubby.

Viva la summer! :D

20 thoughts on “Summer Plans

  1. I love drawing! I hope you find a class or two to take. The first time I did a live model class I had those first few minutes of “oh my god, there’s a naked guy!”, I no longer saw a naked guy, but the incredible work of art that is the human form. One of my favorite things is detailing musculature. And eyes.


  2. archiesvoice

    Have a wonderful summer Thorny. Have fun during your visit with Elizabeth. Enjoy some free time with Jazz….*sigh*…that sounds wonderful to me. :)


  3. mc

    These sound like terrific plans, Thorny. Leaves you enough time to post on your blog, too :)

    Hey, demanding readers have needs, you know!


  4. Enjoy the summers off while you have them. That’s one of the things I miss about being that age. I did one of the summer sessions my first 2 summers of college (in order to graduate on time), but my father wouldn’t let me take the second sessions so that I absolutely had time off. The third summer I worked for a family friend for most of the summer. (That was the summer the Olympics were in Atlanta, and it had to do with that.)

    And most of all, HAVE FUN! =)


  5. I’m so glad you’ll get to see Elizabeth; and the lucky woman will get to meet Jazz and his whole family. There’s no need for big summer plans. You’ve done a lot of big things this year. An nice relaxing home-and-family summer sounds perfect. (And congrats on the pass – I had no doubts; wish I could have seen your face when he suggested the advanced class though.)


  6. Susan

    The relief of having that final part of the semester finally over must feel amazing, Thorny. Now you can truly kick back and enjoy your Summer plans with Jazz and Elizabeth. The idea of the drawing/sketching class sounds wonderful. I hope it is available and what you are looking for. Whatever ends up coming to pass, enjoy the ‘general normalness’ this Summer that you centainly have earned.


  7. Congratulations! I prefer drawing to painting – more precise and you can slip a sketchpad & pencils in a bag and go draw at a friends or outside. Painting takes a bit more effort (and I’m always a bit worried about spilling paint on other people’s furniture & carpets!).

    The education system in the UK is still quite different to the US (although it’s been a long time since I was at uni!). No summer classes and less need for students to have to work to pay for uni, although I think that may come – there was still such a thing as a student grant when I was at uni but that went a fair few years back.

    Enjoy your vacation :)


  8. Sammy

    Oh how nice that you are able to take a break and congratulations on passing your class!!! I think you need to start posting littl snippets of your novel!! Have a lovely visit with Eluzabeth!!!


  9. amanda2u

    So happy for you that your Elizabeth is coming to visit! I knew you’d do well in your classes but its always nice to have a break. Sounds like you and Jazz are going to have a great summer together.



  10. Tam

    Congrats on passing. A relaxing summer is nice. I used to take one or two classes in summer, it paid off in that my final year I only had classes 3 days a week, but I wasn’t working full-time during the school year.

    I wish my summer plans would firm up. It depends on work stuff. I like having my life planned and this work is not cooperating with me.


  11. Sylvia

    Congratulations! Your summer plans sound blissfully relaxed :) Have fun with Elizabeth, I’m glad you’re still in touch with each other.


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