Bob N. Lickencock Reporting

It started as a joke in November when someone asked if I might help him with a blog post by acting as an interviewer. Then I did kind of an impromptu skit as a reporter in bed one night with a certain piece of Jazz’s anatomy acting as my microphone. A couple weeks ago another friend got stuck writing a post, so Bob appeared again to help her out by interviewing her.

Now Bob N. Lickencock has his own Facebook page and is a spokesman for the Chicks & Dicks blog (which also has a new Facebook page Bob will likely point all his friends to eventually). Bob has a multiple personality disorder, though, because he’s not just me but Alec and LC Chase too, or as some people are calling us, Llama Catcher and The Glitter Twins.

(Alec doesn’t glitter very much, we’re not even close to being twins, and I have no idea why LC’s catching llamas or what she does with them afterward. Just sayin’.)

So, if you see a friend request from Mr. Lickencock, just know he’s friendly and looking to spread a little glittery gay cheer on behalf of a blog where Chicks and Dicks frolic across the scope of M/M Romancelandia…with the occasional llama.

14 thoughts on “Bob N. Lickencock Reporting

  1. ct

    Made me smile the second I saw your tweet :D I’ve never quite got my head around FB but hopefully you’ll keep us posted on hir activities here as well, please


    1. 007mc

      Not that it’s my business, but I assume you all have your own…microphones? I don’t see young Thorny sharing his private stash, team or no team.


  2. 007mc

    Hysterical. Like Tina, I’m not very FB-ish, so make sure to keep us posted on Bob’s (may I call him…her….them….Bob?) activities?


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