Music I Love: Open Arms by Journey

22 thoughts on “Music I Love: Open Arms by Journey

  1. Listen, kiddo, you can’t beat vinyl (in excellent condition, of course) for sound quality, as long as it’s played on a superb stereo system. A lot of people would thump me but good just to get their hands on my collection of LPs and 45s.

    Grams II ;-)


  2. Thornton, oh my. I am crying a bit. So 27 and a half years ago the man I love more than life itself danced with me at our wedding reception to this song. He sang in my ear as he moved us across the dance floor. We play it every August 18. And dance to it in our living room. Oh dear boy. I hope this song comes to mean as much to you and Jazz as it does to Kenner and I. Thank you for this lovely reminder of how we should love.


    • I do own a radio and most of the time they’ll tell you who was just on. Plus I’ve ridden in elevators before. Oh and my dad has these little plastic things called cassette tapes, but I’m getting him an iPod for Father’s Day so he can join us in this century ;)


      • **determines it’s not a good idea to tell Thorny about her 45 collection from the 70s and 80s**

        By the way that’s NINETEEN seventies and eighties.


        • Don’t feel bad. I still have all my old 45’s, albums, cassette tapes, and a case full of eight track tapes. I have upgraded to an iPod now. :D


          • Lisa, my sister, I used to have eight-tracks, too! I remember Donna Summer and Foreigner Four, off the top of my head. I have several boxes of cassettes as well.


          • Um, no 8-tracks but two big boxes of cassettes and all Journey on actual vinyl (along with Queen and many many others and a couple of boxes of 45s as well). And I saw Journey live when I was 18 and in college. Wow, am I old!

            However I do have 3 iPods and an iPhone and iPad and a Kindle so I have moved on. I just can’t seem to part with those ;)


            • I never went to a lot of concerts, but my first one was Eurythmics (of the cropped orange hair period). Knocked my socks off.


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