“Toast to Love” by Thorny Sterling

ETA July 26, 2012: Given the issue of using photos that aren’t yours on your blog, I’ve had to remove the image of a guy sort of leaning on a table with a beer bottle in his hand while he stares right into the camera.

I sat in my usual booth with an open bottle of beer in front of me. Well, it hadn’t been my booth for 3 months, 14 days, and about 2 hours, but I sat here considering maybe changing that.



I looked up and there’s lean and lanky Tommy Chester. He’d been half the reason I’d stopped coming in here. He’d started bartending here, and it was no longer the place I could get away from the temptation of him in this hick town. Bad enough he worked behind me at the mill all day, now he was here too? Three months, 14 days, and about 2 hours ago, I’d gotten smashed lusting after those ropy arms, that silky black hair, and those big brown eyes only to have a near-death experience on the way home by being on the losing side of a run-in with a telephone pole.

I’d given up drinking and stayed away from the bar ever since.

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21 thoughts on ““Toast to Love” by Thorny Sterling

  1. K. Z. Snow

    I think we all need to give Jazz some credit, too. I’ll bet you couldn’t write so convincingly about sweet, sweet love (coupled with the unique kind of desire that comes with it) if you hadn’t found your husband — your muse. :-)


  2. Wow, so much unsaid behind the simple words, and yet clearly understood – it seems like a much longer story. Nice work (and I envy you the ability to go short; you have such a gift for that.)


  3. Ozly

    Lovely story, Thorny.That ‘fifteenth anniversary’ at the end like a small epilogue and I love epilogues.
    I’m looking forward to Splinters, hope you finish soon :)


  4. Talk about painting a picture with words! I could see every second of that with absolute clarity. Totally worth sneaking on the internet at work! I’m going to me thinking of that and smilng all day. Thanks, Thorny!


  5. Susan

    That was amazing! Just like your first short story; that you can get so much emotion into a few words. You are a natural-born writer, Thorny. Simply magical!


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