Go-To Guys Discussion #1

Chicks & DicksOver on Chicks & Dicks today, this helpful group of men delivered their findings regarding a sex act some people may find interesting, eye-opening, or educational. Maybe you’ve done it. Maybe you’ve had it done to you. Maybe you have zero experience at all in either way and you need to write about it. Maybe some lucky guy’s in for a treat tonight after you read it ;)

I have no idea who the Go-To Guys are, BTW. Seriously. Could be anyone. It’s completely anonymous. You probably don’t even know them. Really.

12 thoughts on “Go-To Guys Discussion #1

  1. Thanks, Thorny. My WIP has a rimming scene in it, so this was particularly helpful.

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  2. Thorny, you do realize you suck at being anonymous — don’t you? :-)

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  3. Great post! I enjoyed it a lot!

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  4. Great post, (and I can imagine the squirming of the anonymous brothers.) The writer in my thanks you for the info, the reader is amused :)

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  5. Hmmmm….wonder who wears the lace leggings???? I’m willing to guess :)

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  6. Really like this anonymous survey. ;)

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  7. I was just discussing that very topic with my own go-to guy, He said very much the same thing as these guys…whoever they are :)

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  8. Wow! Its nice to learn some new things about guys getting together. Thanks! And yes….see, Im a former lurker! LOL

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  9. I think it’s great that you guys can so easily find four anonymous strangers that nobody knows to answer those kinds of questions!

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  10. I have two words for you: Lace Leggings. *g*

    Great article though. Definitely something to think about as I’m writing. :)

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