Happy Father’s Day

This song makes me think of Dad because I wish it was that simple for us too.

12 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Great song, Thorny. Many hugs and I agree with others – if you ever decide to become a dad, you are going to be awesome.


  2. It may not be simple, T, but most things worth having in our lives rarely are. I hope it is from here on out, sweetie.


  3. Hugs to you Thorny. If you and Jazz decide to have any children you are going to be a great Dad!


  4. Oh, Thorny. *hugs you* Beautiful, sad song.


  5. Love the song. Lots of hugs to you and your dad.


  6. I’d never heard this song before, Thorny. Now, anything I hear it again, I’ll be seeing you as that little boy.



  7. I wish it for you too, although few relationships are simple. You have time to move forward, you and your dad together.

    I miss my own dad, even after six years – he did unconditional love at its best. I’m glad Jazz gives you that.

    I wish you better Father’s Days with every passing year. ((hugs))


  8. Hugs, beautiful Sunshine. ‘Every morning is a renewal. This joy (and pain) you feel is life.’-anais nin
    Keep moving forward!


  9. Hugs to you Thorny, and also to your father. ♡


  10. Oh dear dear boy. Many hugs and much love to you Thornton. Remember you are The sunshine in Jazz’s day and the love of his life!!!


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