Now that the dust has settled…

Actually, there was no dust because it rained all day on Monday, my first day back at school, and since I had to run all over campus, it was a very soggy, limp hair day kind of experience. No dust, though. And thank God because it would’ve just turned into mud.

I have 3 classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays:

French is my first class and it came with a little snafu on Monday. Apparently, they decided to change the room not just to a different room but to a whole different building. Unfortunately, they let us know via a post-it on the door. Me and 4 others didn’t see that itty bitty note until someone else coming in pointed it out. All of us were late getting to class after that. First day, first class and I’m late. Yay. But we kind of bonded over our dilemma so that was nice.

Algebra is in a lecture hall and I think this is to aid in preventing us from actually learning anything. I don’t like lecture halls. They’re huge, crammed with people, you can’t ask questions or really interact much, and I always leave feeling kind of abused. How can they teach math like that? I’m seriously not looking forward to this. Thankfully, Alec’s excellent at math so I sort of have a tutor all lined up. I know I’m going to need it since we don’t even get the professor teaching us, just his TA and she broke a ruler on the podium to get our attention.

cool smileyI picked up Intro to Fiction Writing on a whim. It’s an elective for the English degree that I’m technically not supposed to take yet, but they let me in because I gave them a copy of Get Me In The Boat, Boys on a Train, and half of Splinters. The professor was all “You know you probably don’t need this class” and I said “Everyone can improve their craft.” {snicker} So I’m bringing the gay romance to my little writing class.

Then I have 2 classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

Bowling is a total mixed bag of people, so the people watching right there is fun. I’m not the only one worried about making a fool of myself, so that’s good too. NO ONE likes the bowling shoes and it’s a free-for-all with the balls. I went for the sparkly yellow one :) and then gutter-balled it six times :( It was a little farther down the lane each time it veered into the gutter, though. I’m the only lefty, but seriously, that does not mean you have to duck.

Archery was…interesting. The teacher there is cool, has ginormous biceps, and doesn’t expect any of us to hit a target until sometime in December. Maybe. So no pressure, right? Oh no, there’s pressure. You don’t want to be the one whose arrow snaps wildly up into the air and makes people run screaming. (Not me, btw.) One more reference to Katniss, though, and I’m going to stab someone. I might as well say now that I hate the concept of those books with children murdering children for a gameshow and I saw the movie under duress. I am NOT taking archery to be like that frickin’ chick and I’m hoping the 3 girls who are there for that reason drop out very soon :evil:

Anyway… So far, I’m liking MWF days way better than my athletic days, but it is nice to have a break between thinking days and doing days. Obviously, I’ve only had one class each so far (writing this Tuesday night), but I am hopeful that this will be a fun semester.

22 thoughts on “Now that the dust has settled…

  1. Ha! Now you’re becoming the next Robin Hood taking archery lol , I got something that might interest you.

    I Recently red something about this guy who was youth world champion in some type of archery. Well he’s openly gay, and on top he’s kind of cute too haha. To make things even better he’s supported by the Belgian army (yes I live there and he does too), to represent them in sports and spreading around a good image of the army being tolerant for gay people. Unfortunately he couldn’t join the olympics because of injuries. He lives together with his boyfriend (who’s known from tv over here btw).

    You’re all attention now? Well since I can’t post pics in here, you’ll have to google him yourself, his name is Ivan Denis. Got a new role model now lol? ;-)

    Good luck with your classes.


  2. Sounds like a full and interesting plate! So nice that you have Alec to tutor you. I really suck at math and bowling! LOL. Have fun in the archery that’s something I’ve never tried before. You will rock no matter what you take.



  3. Just to add (KA’s comment prodded me)—in the last fiction writing class I took, yes there were “literary” types, but overall it was a good group. I wasn’t published yet, but I was open about wanting to write romance and did for a few assignments. It went over pretty well, and even though some people didn’t like it, we managed to treat each other with respect—I wasn’t a big fan of some of their stuff, either.

    But if anyone’s an asshole to you, remember we love you and think your writing rocks.


  4. Everyone can improve in craft. I learn things all the time. But you are definitely above the “intro” stage of fiction writing. Be careful that you don’t let the teacher/class make you feel like you’ve been “doing it wrong.” Use only what works for you and don’t let it paralyze you by making your inner critic too loud. Remember too that gay romance and a commercial/genre fiction is very different from literary fiction. Don’t be intimidated. (Genre writers like us can actually make a living at it. Keep that in mind if you get sneers about romance and happy endings.)


  5. It’s always good to have a little physical activity stuck in there, too. For me, it was a BUNCH of dance classes, from ballroom to modern to jazz to Turkish/Egyptian. XD Glad you could get those in there along with your Math, French, and Writing classes. I found French to be so difficult! Give me Spanish or Japanese any day, but not French! *hides* Good luck!

    I’d be in the same boat as you with the whole Hunger Games stuff, too. It’s great that it’s brought more people to archery, but… so did Lord of the Rings, thanks to Legolas primarily, and I think the message behind LotR was worlds more useful than Hunger Games. >.>


  6. That sounds like a fantastic set of classes! Kudos to you for sharing the gay romance love. :-) I would love to just sit in the back of your bowling class and just watch. My husband took me bowling on our first date, and proceeded to whip out his own shoes and ball and bowl a 235. He mentioned AFTER that he happened to be on the bowling team back in high school; I just blinked and thought, “High school bowling team??” I’ve gotten much better since then… (and I’m a lefty too!)


  7. That’s a great mix of classes although it’s a shame about the algebra – my daughter’s calculus was like that. She actually learned the material from the TA sessions and my husband tutoring. (He’s another of those who finds math soothing.) It is kind of annoying to think you’re paying good money for that kind of class. I hope it gets better – do you have small discussion sections?

    A post-it on the door? Seriously? That sounds like one of my anxiety dreams (which still feature college thirty years later – does that make me an eternal nerd?) I’m glad it was a group of you though, especially if anyone was a freshman. What a start to your first day of college, or even your first day back.

    At least you probably came home to the kind of bear-hugs that make things all fall into place. I hope most of it turns out to be fun. And I second the Legolas advice – shooting orcs is a much worthier goal.


  8. Susan

    The only good thing I can say about your first thing Monday morning is, at least you didn’t know ahead of time what was going to happen. And it all turned out fine anyway ’cause you bonded with new friends. I can’t believe Algebra is in a lecture hall! To me, any Math course needs to be in a smaller setting in order to learn. Glad you have Alec for a tutor. As for Intro to Fiction Writing, you’ll most likely end up being the TA.:)

    Good luck with Bowling and Archery, too, Thorny. It’s great that your class days alternate between mind and body.


  9. Monika

    Hey Thorny! It sounds like the perfect first day, if everything went well what would have to remember about it. I seriously want to go back to school we never had anything even remotely fun like Archery or Bowling! Enjoy it’s all over much too soon.

    I totally agree with you about The Hunger Games, I’ve not seen the movie but I did read all three books (I wasn’t impressed) and wondered “Why is it okay with society that kids read this?” *shakes head*

    Have a great day! :)


  10. Thorny, that’s actually a pretty balanced group of classes: math, language and writing, plus a few physical activities. I’d be an utter fail at bowling, so I’m impressed with that. I know it’s one of America’s great pastimes, but the idea of wearing other peoples’ shoes, sticking my fingers in those holes (do they ever get sanitized?). Blech. Also, my hand-eye coordination is not…stellar.

    Will you hold my hand (not the writing one), when my classes gear up this fall? I could use a study buddy.

    (By the way, though you didn’t emphasize this, I think it’s GREAT that you’re bringing a little gay lit into your fiction writing class.)


  11. It was long before Katniss, so I didn’t have to deal with that, but Archery was one of 2 or 3 electives I got to take in college. (During my senior year.) I was one of two left-handed people in the class, so guess who got paired together during every class? Yep, me and him. We actually became friends and dated a couple of times. That was it though. I didn’t keep in touch with him after graduation.

    I think that’s one of the reasons I picked archery back up when I joined the SCA. I enjoyed it. =)


  12. Brandy

    Wow… Sounds like a very full semester but at least you have a break between the brain busting days to regroup a little. Is there actually any kind of study outside of class required for the bowling and archery classes? The Intro to Fiction Writing should be great for you. I’m sure it will help you with completing Splinters and maybe even give you ideas on changes you can make to what you’ve already written. I loved Algebra but I’m a bit of a math nerd. LOL The only French I ever got was when my grandfather got really upset, and that was pretty colorful.

    I took Country Western Dancing in college. It was a blowoff class for me because I’ve been C&W dancing since I was a kid, but I remember walking in to class and being so disappointed that the girl to guy ratio was something like 4 to 1. Oh well… It was still entertaining.


  13. Betryal

    Bowling? Really? You actually have bowling and even archery at your school? Well shite! Why couldn’t we have had those kinds of subjects when I went to school. It’s not fair I tell yeah.


  14. Math is Teh Ebil (says the girl who gave up on college in frustration after putting in as much effort on JUST her math classes as most people put in on a full-time job and still only BARELY scraped a low B). It’s particularly depressing as my mom kind of stile my Calculus book before I could sell it back because — you’ll love this — she finds working through the problems SOOTHING. o.O

    I’m assuming that one day I’ll maybe get back, but NOT for anything remotely resembling a math or science degree. Nope. No thanks. And even history requires Too Many Numbers. But right now, running a house and a soldier and three kids and three pets is about all I can take anyway.

    (Also, I hate bowling. Unless I’m with my kids and can get away with “accidentally” engaging the gutter guards for myself as well as them. Hey, there’s got to be *some* benefit to parenting! ;) )


  15. Tam

    I don’t want to add any pressure here, but if you’re taking archery twice a week, you damn well better be hitting the target before December. That teacher has low expectations and I have high expectations of you young man. Not bulls eye, but stuck in target. *stern look* My kid was hitting the target on the 3rd lesson and she was 13. But hey, no pressure. LOL I think you should buy a long blond wig at the Halloween store and go as Legolas. Or dress like Hawkeye, tight cargo pants, all in black, motorcycle boots. Break the Katniss stereotype.

    And it’s okay to be late to class if you are in a group. Safety and excuses in numbers.

    Bonne chance, j’espere que tu aime beaucoup tous les cours ce semestre, est peut obetenir une ‘strike’ aussitôt que possible.


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