What the Gay just Happened?

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Rainbow Flag (Photo credit: Datchler)

I’ve seen/heard snippets of information about all the equal rights successes that happened on Tuesday, but hadn’t the time to find a comprehensive list of just what did actually happen. So here are the victories I discovered via the LA Weekly blog and On Top Magazine:

  • In Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin became the first openly gay person to be elected to the U.S. Senate, and openly gay small business owner Mark Pocan will fill Baldwin’s vacated seat in Congress.
  • In California, Mark Takano (a teacher!) became the first openly gay Asian-American in Congress.
  • In Rhode Island, openly gay congressman David Cicilline was reelected, as was Jared Polis of Colorado.
  • In New York, Sean Patrick Maloney became that state’s first openly gay person elected to Congress.
  • In Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema could become the first openly bisexual woman elected to Congress when the results are finally tallied.
  • In Minnesota, voters defeated an anti-gay marriage measure.
  • In Maine, Maryland, and Washington state, for the first time in the history of the United States the voters — not judges or a legislature — legalized gay marriage. (And Rick Reed is getting married! :) )

I think I’m most impressed with the reelections as well as Maine and Maryland’s voters. Electing an LGBT person once is fantastic and all, but doing it again says, to me, that the work they’ve done matters more than their orientation. At least, that’s why I vote to reelect someone. Then with Maine and Maryland, it seems to me like they’re openly accepting since they did this themselves instead of being made to by some more official group or something. Some seem to think this is the result of President Obama declaring himself for gay marriage, so the people said they are too and then proved it. I swear I feel like sending thank you cards :)

In other gay news, Alec has accepted my invitation to become a contributor to this blog. His first post will be on Veteran’s Day and will cover all the organizations that he approves of or that helped him as a veteran at some point in his recovery. I would really like to see the links get clicked like crazy on that post, especially if that means you give donations.

And that is the gay that just happened ;)

37 thoughts on “What the Gay just Happened?

  1. Times are a changing!!!! Turning the tide on past defeats on gay marriage was awesome. I’m hoping for more wins in the future at the state level – maybe even at the supreme court.


    • Yay, Alec! So thrilled you will be around on Thorny’s site. You have been in my thoughts so much, you and Carter, and that new silver truck. At some point please let us know how things are going with the truck, and your training schedule. :)


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