Goodreads & A Baby

Giant bunny slippers! (Photo credit: jmkizer)

There’s this main page sort of thing for the M/M Romance genre inside Goodreads. It’s like a one-stop shop for new releases, most read this week, a collection of all the lists, giveaways, and then videos, quotes, and writing that’s been tagged “m m romance”. I can’t remember how I found it, but I’ve bookmarked it so I won’t lose it.

Speaking of Goodreads, their Romance section of the Goodreads Choice Awards includes a gay romance now! I’m guessing it’s from a bazillion write-ins, which is so cool, since Dani Alexander’s Shattered Glass wasn’t in there the first time I looked. I don’t vote unless I’ve read the book, so I totally voted on this one.

Need a smile? Need a laugh? I’m pretty sure it’s impossible not to laugh with this little baby… :lol:

12 thoughts on “Goodreads & A Baby

  1. Shattered Glass was totally a write in vote and I’m so glad that effort got it into award consideration! In my opinion, it deserves all the romance award praise. Am hoping it goes far in the GR awards.


  2. Ok, so I didn’t really spend time this afternoon when I should have been working trying to get to what in my mind is now “Thorny’s special page of MM stuff” (cos, bookmarking it on the work computer would only lead to trouble)….

    You can get to the page by going to look at a page for a particular book and on the right hand side, about level with the “my review” box, is a box headed “genres”,…. Romance > M M Romance should be on the list (obviously if it is an MM romance title)…. click on that link and it takes you through

    Why yes, some days my inner geek just needs to get out and play :)


  3. You hooked me up to that page – it’s great (especially the giveaways :) And we have three M/M that made the semi-finals on Goodreads this year. Shattered Glass in Romance, Incursion by Aleks in Science Fiction, and Casket of Souls, the latest Nightrunner book, by Lynn Flewelling in Fantasy. They’re all good books too, and Incursion is a short read if someone wants to read and then vote :)


  4. Shattered Glass was excellent. When I saw it, I voted for it also. Can’t wait for the next book in that series.

    I don’t know if you’ve read it, but Incursion by Aleks Voinov is in the top 20 books for the sci-fi category right now also. =)


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