Chicks & Dicks’ Go-To Guys

Chicks & DicksThose anonymous Go-To Guys are over on Chicks & Dicks talking about the prostate today.

There’s a rumor a new guy’s joined them.

And there’s a video with this post! 8O

You won’t want to miss it. Really.

Especially important to those of you who like “research” ;)

12 thoughts on “Chicks & Dicks’ Go-To Guys

  1. Not trying to make us girls jealous are you? Cause that would be mean!! LOL. You write terrific non-fiction too. LOL Susan on the “working from home”! BTW how’s your wrist?

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  2. xtube! O-O Should I be scared to look any further??

    OK I admit it – I AM scared to look any further!

    (But I keep thinking about having another look!!) LOL!

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  3. Very informative. Amazing what you can learn when you are working from home. :)

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  4. Whoops haven’t watched vid yet–can’t find an empty conference room at work!

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  5. Loved
    Funny and informative!

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  6. holy cripes. that video. *thud*

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