Getting to Know Alec

Though my first post for the blog was on Veteran’s Day, I figured I should post something about myself as a sort of introduction to those who don’t know me or those who’d like to know me better.

So my name is Alec, they called me Edge when I was serving as a Marine, and I’m online as Alec Edge in Goodreadsa Glitter Twin on Facebook, and I contribute to the Go-To Guys posts for Chicks & Dicks. If you’re curious about what I think is hot or interesting, my Tumblr is Alec’s Stash (NSFW).

Looks-wise, I’m 5’10” and athletically built now that I’m back in “fighting form”, Thorny calls me an Otter to describe my level of hairy-ness, and I’ve got a cross between a fauxhawk and a mohawk that’s about 4″ high now. I lost my right leg above the knee, but Thorny says I still look like I could kill someone with my pinky finger. (I’m not so mean.)

I started dating Jazz’s little brother Carter in April, moved in with him in June, and I owe a lot of my sanity and soul to my man’s love and care. Their family has adopted me like they chose me and were waiting for my arrival. If you’d like some more history on me and Carter, T and J have that covered in Q = Questioning (where Thorny talks about Carter coming out), I Know What I Saw (where Jazz talks about me and Carter meeting for the first time), and My Cowboy Weekend posts (where my birthday party became a tribute to gay cowboys). Carter and I wrote for Chicks & Dicks about When Alec Met Carter, plus there’s me talking about My Experience in Uniform and Gay-for-You, That’s Not What I Call It.

That’s a lot of reading if you really want to know more about me, so I’ll end this post here. I’ll be back later to talk about trucks, marathon training, and No-Tech Weekends. :)

14 thoughts on “Getting to Know Alec

  1. Mary G

    My big DUH moment today. You’re that Alec I’ve read at C & D. The light went on after I read all posts at once today lol. They all made me smile & sigh. Four awesome writers among the four of you. So your mom-in-law is an Italian mama. That would explain the touchy feeliness, it’s what we do. Everytime we watched Everybody Loves Raymond I had to promise my son I wouldn’t do Marie type things as he got older lol. So Thorny says that Jazz looks like Chris Hemsworth. Jazz says Thorny looks like a toned down Gregory Gorgeous. We saw your sweet handsome face on your post. Does this mean Carter looks like Liam Hemsworth? Looking forward to more of your posts.


  2. Alder

    Hi Alec, Having followed your story on your blog and here on Thorny’s it’s great to hear from you again! Jazz and Carter’s family sound wonderful. I’m glad you’ve got their love and support as well as Carter’s.

    Your sparkly matchmaker deserves an extra big Christmas present from you and Carter this year! :D


  3. So lovely to hear more from you and I’m really happy that Carter and his family are so good for you. Wish you all the best for the future :)
    I did have a quick nose at your tumblr – nice pics! I’m looking forward to more posts from you – good luck with the marathon training!


  4. So nice to see you online again. I’m delighted that you and Carter are making life better for each other and look forward to seeing new posts from you here. That little ball of sunshine we call Thorny is hard to resist, isn’t he?


  5. Susan

    Hi Alec. Did not expect to see a post from you again so soon, so this is wonderful. I am happy things are going well with you and Carter. Thank you for summarizing where to find your information. Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future.


  6. I’ve been reading yours and Carter’s story here on Thorny’s blog. I am so happy for both of you. I also just read your blogs at Chicks & Dicks and went to your Tumbler. Have to say thank you for the much needed inspiration from both places. I look forward to reading more from you.


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