Trucks, Training & No-Tech Weekends

I moved in with Carter in June and was at the mercy of friends and family for transportation for that first month or so. Since it’s my right leg I’m missing, I can’t drive using foot pedals and getting a vehicle converted so I could drive it was expensive. Originally, I’d wanted to wait to move in until I did have my own transportation because I was afraid I’d end up being isolated if I didn’t. Carter, though, can be pretty convincing when he wants to be, but it also helped that I discovered and applied for a grant to help me get a truck and have hand controls added to it. In July, I got my Chevy Colorado and learned how to drive it with my hands instead of my feet. Best toy ever! Nowadays, my silver Colorado sits in the driveway beside Carter’s black Silverado 3500 and it just makes me smile.

In September, a bunch of us went down to support the Akron Marathon runners and the little lunatic with us suggested we all run the half-marathon in 2013. It took me a while to get used to the blade prosthetic I had to get that would let me run, there was some trial and error regarding chafing, but now I’m keeping up with Jazz and Thorny just fine. We’ve managed to do 8 miles lately and, since a half-marathon is 13.1, we’re feeling pretty confident. That same lunatic has mumbled about why not train for the whole marathon, but nobody’s listening just yet.

Back in April, Carter and I would spend weekends together and we developed a real fondness for ignoring the world around us and concentrating on each other. At first, that meant only getting out of bed for the bathroom or refrigerator, but later on it was more about hanging out with my best friend, focusing on our relationship, and…yeah, more of the staying in bed fun. So most weekends, beginning on Saturday morning and ending on Sunday night, we ignore cell phones, leave computers off, and usually stay home. During No-Tech Weekends, we are each others’ biggest priority and I think it’s made our relationship amazingly strong.

19 thoughts on “Trucks, Training & No-Tech Weekends

  1. hannah

    Congrats on ur truck. U should never have to pay for anything relating to ur military injury. Check ALL resources.
    Thank you for serving our country.


  2. Sadonna

    Just catching up on blogs and so nice to see you here! Glad to hear that things are going well. Somehow I doubt I could get away with a tech-free weekend given my job, but it’s definitely something to shoot for! It’s probably even more difficult now since I read on the iPad or computer or Kindle or phone and I don’t ever want to be anywhere without a book so . . . Guess I’ll have to work on that ;)


  3. Mary G

    Adapted truck=freedom. Good on you.
    Amazing on the running. Makes me feel like a wimp since playing tennis is on hold after a bad fall. Ditto on the no tech weekends. Wonderful idea! We’ve become so complacent. We live in a regular size two story house & we will text my son if he can’t hear us yell for dinner lol.


  4. I think maybe sticking with the half marathon for now would be a good plan :) The blade prosthetics always look very impressive; I’m glad that you’ve got the hang of things :)

    I think I like the sound of the no-tech weekends – I read on my phone so I’m not sure I’d manage without that…and separating the one partner from technology for long than maybe an hour – not going to happen. I think he’d go into some form of shock, bless him :) He’s always a bit stunned when the rest of us manage with conversation/knitting/curling up with a dvd…

    Hugs to you all and good luck with the training :)


  5. Thanks to you and Carter, this already-fabulous blog just keeps getting better. It’s articulate and enlightening, funny and uplifting, and, along with Two Boys in Love, should be required reading for every homophobe out there.


  6. Thanks so much for the update, Alec. I’m glad the truck is working out for you. Even better that you can run a comfortable eight miles (or as comfortable as running ever gets.) That little lunatic has come a long way – I seem to remember a post about how running was crazy and the best part was the cute shorts. But given how good staying fit is for health, I’m cheering all of you on so you live to a hundred. And no-tech weekends sound great. I think in our household the resolution would only last about two hours… although it might be a good two hours.


  7. Good luck with the half marathon. I used to adore running – all those healthy endorphins :) I like the sound of tech free weekends too but I’m not sure my husband could manage 2 whole days without power tools.


  8. Carey

    I think it would be good to START with the half marathon before deciding to go on to the full one :) I give you guys a lot of credit, the idea of running down to the mailbox is enough running for me, when I finished my last day of gym in high school I though, yay! No more running for me ever :)
    I think no tech weekends is a great idea…sounds fun too!


  9. Alder

    Sounds like your training is going really well. What sort of winters do you get there? Will you be training on a treadmill over the winter?

    And what about Carter? Is he running too, or just waiting at home to give you a nice rub down after your training? ;)

    Thanks for bringing us up to date, it’s good to hear from you. :)


  10. Shell H

    A whole marathon! Quick! Someone hush the little lunatic! He does realize that’s another 13.1, right? Madness!! Nice you all have some sense! :D. I’m sure you’ll be set for the half next yr if you’re running 8 now. Nice job, guys!

    Aw, you and Carter are quite adorable. I like the idea of a no-tech weekend. Every relationship could use one of those now and again! I’m beautifying myself for the ball today, so I can strip the man out of his blues later. God bless those uniforms.


  11. Susan

    Thanks for all the updates, Alec. I remember when you first got your truck, how thrilled you were then. Glad to see it still brings a smile to your face. I saw the blade prosthetic for the first time while watching the Olympics. It is simply amazing. I wish you all the best with your continuing training. As for your no-tech weekends, they sound like a marvelous invention for keeping a relationship happy and healthy. And you and Carter have always been a beautiful example of one of those. :)

    Thank you again, Alec, for contributing on Thorny’s site.


  12. I wonder if I could get my hubby to ignore the tech on weekends… Probably only on weekends there’s no football or hockey, and he’d still have to answer his phone for possibly-Army-related calls, so… maybe, what, 2 weekends of the year? LOL And then *I* would have to read paper books *gasp!* I may suggest it, though…


  13. You’ve got to just love that ‘little lunatic’ – he’s amazing and funny (not to mention clever getting you and Carter to run a half marathon!!)

    And no Tech weekends sound adorable. I think we ALL ought to indulge!!

    Hugs to all of you


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