Stuff’s Brewing

So something happened out here in cyberspace that has me upset and I want to talk about what it is and why it hurts. I’m just not quite ready to do that, so I’m posting this to say it’s coming and change the mood appropriately. I wanted something in between it and all the wonderful things you’ve been saying about Alec and having him here because I love that you’re all embracing him. But sometimes I need to work through something, I write about it, and you guys have all helped me in the past. So, stuff’s brewing. Stay tuned.

This might give you a hint about what’s to come…

29 thoughts on “Stuff’s Brewing

  1. Mary G

    Just so you know – we’re not your “fair weather” friends. We’re here for the good, the bad & the ugly. (Hope it’s okay I used the collective we).


  2. HA! I go with the ‘kill ’em all’ theme fairly regularly :) But you’re right; a little pondering does wonders for the knee-jerk reaction :)

    (But please let me know if I can get out my machine-gun and go on a granny-rampage!) :)


  3. kate

    As it says under the blog header….this is where you think your thoughts outloud…and some thoughts are better let out and shared than getting snarled up inside while you try and get to grips with them on your own.

    Hoping that sharing whatever it is helps


  4. archiesvoice

    We are all waiting to listen and be your sounding board. Thorny, (ok..maybe you already know this) we are your cyber family and would do anything for you. It hurts us when someone hurts you or your family. Many hugs your way. And thanks for letting us be there for you.


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