Effeminate Gay Men in M/M Romances

So the thing that was brewing in my brain has settled down and made sense enough that I can share it now. In prepping it, though, I asked for the help of some of my author friends and, therefore, the post is going up over on Chicks & Dicks. Well, and they kinda like me and have promised to look out for me over there :)

Incidentally, the site’s name plays with the words I’m taking issue with in my post. The playing I’m fine with, but the term “chicks with dicks” is where I get really upset and I’m not letting it go this time. Click on over to read my post, This Really Needs to Stop by Thorny Sterling.

Now below is a list of books that I believe feature effeminate gay men with respect and in ways I can relate to. Yes, it’s my personal opinion and yours may differ, but I like these books and I like these characters. I can also identify with them, and just the fact someone wrote about guys like me makes me very happy.

As You Are by Ethan Day Edward Unconditionally by Lynn Lorenz Gambling on Maybe by Fae Sutherland Just for You by Jet Mykles
One True Thing by Piper Vaughn & MJ O'Shea Sno Ho by Ethan Day Strawberries for Dessert by Marie Sexton

There’s a list on Goodreads called Best Gay “Flamboyant” Characters with 78 books listed. Some I agree with and others not so much. (I’ve also realized I’m behind on updating my “read” list…) But I’m glad it’s there at all.

Do you have any additional books that you think qualify as a good representation of effeminate gay men in m/m romances? I’d love to know what those books are and why you think they’re good characters.

62 thoughts on “Effeminate Gay Men in M/M Romances

  1. I love books with effeminate men. Novels with macho hero’s have been done to death.

    I don’t think anyone has mentioned Loving Jay by Renae Kaye. It’s one of my favorites, I’ve read it three times.


  2. Mary G

    Just read Plan B by SJD Peterson. Loved Danny’s character – how I envision Thorny. Gutsy & glittery is an awesome combo! Made me want a brother lol.


  3. Jo

    Re: Fire Balls by Tara Lain

    Truth can be stranger than fiction.
    I actually have a cousin in NY who is an artist and a twink. He found out the hard way that it was necessary for him to be able to protect himself before he found his HEA… thus the blackbelt in Karate. He’s never had to defend his big bear of a husband but never doubt that he would if necessary!


  4. Another guy for your list – Adam from Rick Reed’s Caregiver. When the MC Dan goes to meet the AIDS Aliiance buddy he’s been assigned to, Adam meets him at the door in a black dress, pearls and heels. Adam is funny and wry and very brave, and sometimes wrong. The book isn’t light, and Adam isn’t the romantic MC, but a great character.


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