Just a Giant THANK YOU

My reaction to too much stress is exhaustion. I won’t lie and say I didn’t have some anxiety about my posts yesterday because I so did. That jumpy-jittery feeling all day, wanting to look at comments and not wanting to, and then yawning like my jaw had come unhinged.

Then we get home last night and I was standing in the living room, probably weebling a little, and Jazz is like “go take a nap until dinner.” I thought that was a good idea, turned to head upstairs, and fell over the arm of the couch. “I think I’ll stay here,” I said, and Jazz was nice enough to cover me up. :) I woke up an hour and a half later to Jazz ladling out Mama Bear’s grilled cheese and tomato bisque soup :D (Her leftovers mysteriously disappeared once and we ration the heckfire out of this ambrosia usually, but last night we totally splurged. We even had toasty croutons!)

Now that I’m not stressed out anymore, I’m looking back, reading the comments again, and just so in love with all the support, understanding, agreements, and conversations. It seriously warms me up and makes me feel like we accomplished something. I’m going to hold onto that and echo Brad’s comment from the C&D post by carrying over the celebration of all the wonderful varieties of gay men in fiction into one of the things I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving.

There are some comments I still want to reply to in here and over there, but then I’ll be offline until after the holiday. I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving Day tomorrow and that you’re all sweet little angels while shopping on Friday. Try, anyway ;)

22 thoughts on “Just a Giant THANK YOU

  1. Phew, eh. Hopefully now more people will realize how hurtful the term is and simply call bad writing bad writing.
    You and Jazz have yourselves a fantabulous Thanksgiving, Thorny. *hugs*


  2. Oh man. I so know the feeling that cat is having! :)

    A few times you’ve posted something where you sorta prepare us for a “big” post to come and every time you have me sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what it is. And every time it’s always something really important and thought-provoking. And every time it always seems to come from deep in your heart.

    I really appreciate your courage and willingness to share those kind of things. Even today I keep thinking about your post and different ideas pop up.

    Hope you and your family have a really happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Thank you for this and thank you so much for your comment over there too, Brad! I really think what you said helped more people understand or maybe put a face to the issue. {{{hugs}}}


  3. Susan

    Hope you and Jazz and your extended family have the best Thanksgiving, Thorny. So glad you were to get to a point of mental and physical relaxation to fully enjoy the holiday.

    So love the cat photo. Completely expresses what you described feeling in your post. :)


  4. Happy turkey holiday!

    Read your piece at C&D. It was well written and I’m glad you made your point, and made it well. I write a variety of gay characters in my books, and one included a wonderfully flamboyant cross dresser named Tristan. He’s a personal favorite of mine and readers loved him, too. (And I have never used ‘that’ phrase’ and never will.)


      1. I’ll have to send it to you. It was a free read on my blog last summer. May I? I’d love you to read it and tell me what you think. Send me your email and I’ll get it off to you: fenraven at gmail dot com.

        And please read my blog tomorrow, because I try to tackle a different aspect of “that phrase you despise” and hope I do it well enough to make a point.


  5. Mary G

    Yes, deep thinking is tiring – you did great! Happy Thanksgiving to my American neighbours. For all the abuses on the net, I’m thankful I get to meet so many minds from everywhere. Enjoy!


      1. Mary G

        Alder, it never ceases to amaze me. My friends & family indulge me with the book love although they were very supportive when I started reviewing. Through blogs & author sites I met a lot of fellow book lovers & authors and met many of them at book conferences. I met my USA Today boss at RT in Chicago (months after work started) & I can guarantee that Damon Suede is happy I live in Canada after I went fan girl on him lol. There are some mean people out there but shining lights like this blog keep out the dark.


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