HRC TV Ad for Equality

I saw the short version on TV the other day, but here’s the long one.

I love that it’s not just a YouTube video that people can ignore if they want to. By the time this commercial gets to the point, everyone watching has been sucked in.

LOL! Oh I’m not even going to try and find a less pun-filled way of saying that. Yep, that’s the gay agenda: In the end, we suck you in.


{ahem} Anyway…viva equality!

15 thoughts on “HRC TV Ad for Equality

  1. Shell H

    Excellent ad!
    Btw, I think I cleaned too much today. My brain isn’t in the right place. You said such and I immediately thought hoovers. *shakes head*. I must go dirty my mind.


  2. What a great ad! I haven’t seen it air here in Canada but then most ads made for the US never show up here. I agree with everyone else they chose a perfect person to do the voice over , I could listen to it all day. ;-)


  3. Mary G

    That’s terrific! Love MF’s voice too. Haven’t seen that one yet – most of our stations carry Canadian content ads. Plus gay marriage is already legal I think in most provinces like here on Ontario – Toronto is home to the biggest Pride Parade in Canada ( yes I sound proud lol although I’ve never been).


  4. Oh yes, I got this emailed to me from HRC the other day and I was so excited to see Morgan freeman narrating. He has such a commanding, warm voice and people love him. I agree that I think (hope) it will suck folks in before they have a chance to freak out about it. Beautifully done


  5. Morgan Freeman has a delicious voice, doesn’t he? I think the HRC knew what they were doing when they put that ad together. Equality for all really should mean equality for all.


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