Us, Wee Style

I thought I’d update those weeme images I’d had at the bottom of the blog for a while since we’ve changed some looks and, you know, added some people ;)

So, this is wee us…and this is the first time the rest of them are seeing it :lol:

Wee Carter Alec Thorny and Jazz
Courtesy of

59 thoughts on “Us, Wee Style

  1. Heh. My first thought was that it was a modern day version of 21Jump Street (you all decide who gets to be Johnny Depp).

    So adorable. And we’ve heard what Jazz thinks of his image, at least the clothing options (what would you have preferred? Leather? :-) ) What do the other two wee-ones think?

    (Upon further reflection, are Alec’s jeans really low-cut? Or is that just me?)


    1. Alec

      I have ONE pair of jeans that are liked those and yes, ride pretty low. Figures he’d put me in those and have me smirking too. WeeCarter’s hand is probably down the back of them.


    1. Yeah, yeah, I’m the midget :P Carter’s 6’3″, Jazz is 6′, and Alec’s 5’11”. Then there’s me, way down here, at a whole 5’2″. But they’re all giants and I’m frickin adorable, TYVM :)


  2. Mary G

    You’re all hot & adorable at the same time! Thorny, I love your hair and Alec, that little sliver of skin above your jeans – is that on purpose cause that’s seriously sigh worthy. Carter & Jazz could be twins not just bros.


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