Us, Wee Style

I thought I’d update those weeme images I’d had at the bottom of the blog for a while since we’ve changed some looks and, you know, added some people ;)

So, this is wee us…and this is the first time the rest of them are seeing it :lol:

Wee Carter Alec Thorny and Jazz

Courtesy of

59 thoughts on “Us, Wee Style

  1. Look at you guys! You’re all so cool and gorgeous and adorable. I love how you added Alec’s dog tags on Carter, and Thorny, you’re rocking the new hair style. Me likes.


  2. {ahem} So I was kindly informed that Alec’s eyes are GREEN and not brown. Oops! I’ve updated his little face up there now.


  3. Kind of looks like a gang of thugs that’s kidnapped an innocent young boy. (Hey, you’ve got enough “cute” comments. :-D))


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