Matchmaker Success #2

When I started college last year, or really when I got my job at the art school, I met a guy named Sean and we’ve been cohorts ever since. It was Sean’s class I attended in December 2011 to hear a discharged Marine speak on some of his experiences and met Alec for the first time. Sean actually flirted like crazy with Alec, but I totally wrong for each other. Sean’s like tequila and fireworks, explosive fun but just not right for Alec — Carter’s hot cocoa and snuggling, perfect for Alec ;)

I’ve wanted to matchmake Sean ever since.

And now I’ve done it :D

During My Cowboy Weekend, I introduced Sean — perky, drama diva, twink — to Jazz’s friend Miles — calm, serious, bear. Opposites attract, right? Yes, they do!

OK, no, not at first. Sean was a little book-cover-judgey about bearish, older, nerds who were older. He got a little stuck on that. I persevered, though! When Jazz and I would go out with a group, Miles and Sean were always with us. Miles knew the score, turned on the charm, and eventually Sean started paying more attention.

See, I love Sean, but he’s a slut who thinks that’s how he’ll find his One True Love. Because he does want to fall in love, be committed, grow old, etc. and have his Happily Ever After. He’s seen me and Jazz and commented a whole lot on how he wants that too. He’s just a little wrapped up in looks and money and partying. Not that there’s anything wrong with that or even that it’s a bad way to meet Mr. Right! It just hasn’t worked for him yet, and I know he’s not happy. So since Miles is settled, experienced, but just as current on all things in the popular media as Sean is, I figured I’d point them at each other a few times and see what happened.

“Miles, you remember Sean. He was just telling me his thoughts on the end of Jersey Shore and what might become of what’s-her-name. Bow-wow? What do you think?”

Amazing that such a superficial pile of crapola can set off sparks…

That meeting was on a Friday night and I didn’t see or hear from Sean until Tuesday afternoon…and he was really, really, contemplatively quiet. Either everything went horribly wrong when Miles took Sean home, or somebody’s 9 watt bulb got swapped out for a 100 watt one and Miles clicked that sucker on. I could not sit still and literally had to bite my tongue while waiting for Sean to figure out what he wanted to say.

“I spent the whole weekend at Miles’ place. It was just so… I really don’t want to screw this up. What should I do?”

After I got done squeeing myself hoarse, we discussed what he was worried about, what he wanted, and the many, many benefits of speaking honestly to Miles even if it was the scariest thing ever. Then he went and called Miles so they could have dinner and talk. Jazz said he had a similar conversation with Miles about not screwing things up with Sean.

That was 3 weeks ago :) and they’re still seeing each other!

I swear, I should do this professionally.

Speaking of…

My LC Chase has a new book out called Love Brokers: Mister Romance that features a Matchmaker and a Romance Coach helping their clients and slowly finding their way toward each other. I just cannot imagine where she got that little plot bunny… ;)

Love Brokers: Mr. Romance by LC ChaseJacob Cruz, aka “Mr. Matchmaker”, has an uncanny knack for knowing who would be perfect for whom, which led to his own successful matchmaking company, His Perfect Match. His record is nearly flawless, but when it comes to his own love life he always seems to miss the mark.

Brant Hudson, aka “Mr. Romance”, is a hopeless romantic with his own romance consulting business. He knows every move in the book to win a heart and build a lasting, loving relationship, heck, he wrote the book. Even knowing what he knows, seeing his clients’ relationships bloom and grow, his own seems to miss the spark.

Sparks fly the first time Jacob and Brant meet at a New Year’s Eve party, but bad timing and sitcom-worthy mishaps conspire against them at every turn, from demanding clients to current boyfriends, spilled drinks to broken bones, and a rogue ferret. How can the perfect couple ever hope to make it work when Old Lady Fate refuses to get out of their way?

Available now from Loose Id!

34 thoughts on “Matchmaker Success #2

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  2. Diane A

    Not only is it great that you want others to have the happiness you and Jazz have, but clearly you look for matches. I’m sure everyone else can relate to matches where the only thing you have in common is you both have a pulse?!? Oh yeah, those go well!!!
    And it’s wonderful that you take such care of your friends!
    Thanks for the reminder about LC’s book, just got it!
    And I do hope you get healed up enough to work on Splinters again or share another story because I love your writing here and I’d love to read more!
    Take care :-)


  3. That’s awesome Thorny! I love that you have brought people together. Putting something positive back out into the universe is always a beautiful thing and will come back to you. I wish Miles and Sean all the best. And I really enjoyed hearing about how you met Alec. :)


  4. deedles

    Awww, I gotta start taking my insulin before coming to this site. The sweetness here is gonna kill me if the warm fuzzies don’t smother me first! I can’t think of a better way to go tho. I absolutely love it here!


  5. Alder

    Wow! Thorny this is so lovely, what a great friend you are, and it’s nice to hear how you first met Alec.

    I love your descriptions – “Carter’s hot cocoa and snuggling, perfect for Alec.” That’s wonderful writing. ♡


  6. Now, if only you could find a bi-boy who’d be cool with my wacko genderqueer self. THAT would be awesome. XD (aka SWGQ seeks unicorn -__-)

    So happy that things are working well for your friends! Opposites sometimes do attract and become complements, parts of the same whole. Here’s hoping Sean and Miles click and keep it together. ^_^


        1. I’m betting it’s all the travel. Thorny needs to line up a sweet, friendly guy who can sit next to Edmond on a nice long flight and not offer him intoxicating substances or talk about his last fight with his wife.


  7. Susan

    I always think about you being the matchmaker for Alec and Carter, and how perfect they are together. Then when you look back at what had to fall into place for everything to be where it is now, it’s just mind-blowing!

    I really hope things work out as well for Sean and Miles. You clearly have the magic touch, Thorny. And yes, you should do this professionally, or at least start charging a fee! :)


        1. Summer

          What’s the saying? Golden showers bring May flowers? LOL! There will be no peeing on LC…cause my aim sucks! We can share, but I have my eye on you sweetheart;)


  8. Mary G

    LOL on the pile of crapola! You are good at this! Imagine translating that romantic heart to writing. I can’t wait to read more of your work (but not rushing you).


  9. Tam

    Um, how do I place an order? Do I just send you a description of Mr. Right and you shoot him my way? Pictures? What is the fee for shipping to Canada? Do I have to deal worth the immigration paperwork myself? You need a brochure with FAQs. :-)

    You’ll have the entire single population of Ohio happily paired up soon.


  10. Awesome story aside, this was perhaps the greatest segue I have EVER SEEN from a post to a new book (a wonderful new book, if I may add – go LC!).

    I really like everything you post about, the wide range of topics that interest you, Thorny, you know that, but there’s something about these matchmaking stories, or anything related to ‘twu wuv,’ that just makes my heart swell.

    Aww. Best of luck to Miles and Sean.


  11. Lookit you! Bringing people together, one love match at a time. That’s just so sweet. Go Thorny!

    Btw, very nice segue to L.C.’s new release which is on my TBR list for this weekend and I cannot wait to get to!


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