Calling All M/M Holiday Stories!

I’m celebrating the removal of my cast on December 7th with holiday-themed M/M romance stories!

I want to see your long, thick, muscular, hairy– Wait. Hold on. Wrong list. {ahem}

I want to see your fave novels, novellas, short stories, and freebies featuring Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday (even something made-up) so long as the point is family, charity, reunions, gifts, and other seasonal themes.

I’m going to gather up a list and post it on Monday, December 10, so use the form below to tell me about the books you’ve always loved or the ones you’re looking forward to this season. (Please note that the form is going to fill out a Google Doc for me, so I won’t search the comments for recommendations too. If you want me to know about a book and list it later, please use the form.)

The list goes up on the day my week of finals starts, so Jazz and Alec are going to be in charge of posts and whatnot until I’m free from all that and can think again. They’ve both said they’ll handle this list and that they have other stuff all ready, but they won’t share what the “other stuff” is. I’m trying not to worry…

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17 thoughts on “Calling All M/M Holiday Stories!

  1. Susan65

    Two things…Peeeee-Ewwwww….lol, sorry but the arm will be a little stinky so don’t plan on going anywhere until you rush home to shower.

    Next: Christmas stories… A very romantic free short story was “Inspiration” by Henrietta Clarke…it was probably one of the most romantic I’ve read in a long, long time.
    “Daybreak” is a bit angsty but I loved that one too. It’s by Keira Andrews.
    Oh, and we can’t forget “I’ll Be Hot for Christmas” by Evangeline Anderson…holy candlestick Santa, but Nick Valenti and Sean O’Brian are absolutely scorching together, and forever two of my all time favorite m/m couples.


  2. Thorny, I just submitted 4 of my faves but one I need to cancel out – A Sterling New Year. Was going off memory and thought there was a Christmas lead up in it but it’s all New Year’s. Sorry!

    I like the snow! Glad it’s on your blog, though, and not at my house :)


  3. Bubz

    Thorny is there a way to include TJ Klune’s 2 part epic Christmas poem, the second part of which, “Die Satan Die” he just published a week or so ago?

    If it is limited to real books, that is cool. But lovers of BOATK love the epic poem and it deserves some publicity :)




    1. Hey, Bubz! Go ahead and fill out as many fields as you can for the Klune stories. They’re kind of like Christmas sequels, so I think they count.

      BTW, we’re already up to 86 books! :D


  4. Alder

    Great idea, Thorny. I hadn’t realised how few Christmas themed books I had until I was looking for suggestions for you, so I’m looking forward to this list.

    {Good luck hug} for getting your cast off and for your finals. ♡


  5. Carey

    Yay Thorny, so happy to hear your cast is coming off. This list idea is awesome, I am now regretting not having a holiday shelf at goodreads…hmm… I may have to fix that :)


  6. Maya

    YAY! on getting your cast off! Good luck on your finals…I’ll keep toes and fingers crossed for you!

    Beware of what you wish for! LOL! I submitted all of the holiday stories I’ve read that were 3 stars or more. :) Can’t wait to finally see your list so I can find more holiday stories! :D


  7. Mary G

    I’m sure they’ll behave while you’re busy with finals. What could they possibly do in front of your back LOL. Good luck on your finals, I’m sure you’ll do great. Forget performance anxiety (I think that’s what they call it for finals too).


  8. Susan

    Yay for the removal of your cast, Thorny! I know you can’t wait to get your left arm/hand back.
    So nice of Jazz and Alec to tend to the site for you while you ‘enjoy’ taking your finals. :)

    Good luck with everything.


  9. Great idea! I bought this year’s Advent Calendar from DSP so I have lots of holiday reading to look forward to this month. Amy Lane’s “Turkey in the Snow” is an absolute must read!! It’s fantastic.


  10. OOOOH! This is going to be a good list….Holiday themed are my favorite!

    It’ll be fun to hear from Jazz and Alec. You probably don’t need to worry…much ;)


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