Go read while I implode

So I’m studying like a crazy man and worrying about my cast coming off tomorrow and then I realized I hadn’t even visited here except to wish Carter a happy birthday 2 days ago. {sigh}

What am I studying? Mostly Algebra. I’m keeping my eye on my French and writing some papers, but most of all I’m filling up my brain with numbers. They’re evil, btw. Satan lives in numbers. I do not like them. My mind’s going to go blank while I stare at the test, numbers bleeding from my ears, I’ll fail the test completely, fail the class, have to drop out of school, beg on the corner, turn tricks, and die in an alley from hypothermia. {gasp} OK maybe it won’t be that bad, but still Numbers = :evil:

Why am I worrying about my cast coming off? People keep telling me awful stories about their withered and disfigured appendages post-cast and IT’S FREAKING ME OUT! I keep trying to peer inside my cast and see what it’s done to my flesh, but I can’t tell what’s gone on in there. Am I molding? I’m going to regret having gotten it wet and believing them when they said it was fine to do that, totally waterproof, go ahead. It’s smelled funny in there for a while now. Like dirty, pickled feet. Oh God, it’s probably green in there and I just can’t see it! 8O

{ahem} I know. It’s fine. It’s probably fine.

So while I’m going through this, here’s some stuff to entertain you:

Aussie Space Time Traveller Shannon Boh has a great series of posts called Gay 101 that’s just good information and might also make author brains start buzzing with plot…bees…since bunnies don’t buzz and I’m too tired to figure out what noise bunnies make in author brains right now. Jeez, just go read it.

Then there’s the fact Marie Sexton will be on Chicks & Dicks tomorrow morning talking about her views on Christianity, homosexuality, and loving without judging. I know this because I just scheduled it, so go read that too. Well, tomorrow go read it, but make a note now.

And here’s something pretty because… Oh just because!

shaving in panties

24 thoughts on “Go read while I implode

  1. Diane A

    I’ll just say ditto to everything LC Chase said since that is pretty much what I was going to say! And commisserate that yes, numbers and math are evil!!!!

    Take care and look forward to the freedom of no cast! And as the weekend arrives no less! Excellent timing :)


  2. Thorny, you so funny. :-) Your arm will be just fine, you will not fail any of your classes, and the only corners you’ll stand on will be the one where you’re waiting for Jazz to come out of the sexy underwear store, because you aren’t allowed to see what he’s buying you until you get home. *g* S’all good. Totally with you on the maths though. Evil.


  3. Mary G

    Your arm will be fine (you’re young & healthy) & the funky smell will go. Glad that burden will be gone. Don’t hate me cause I love numbers & logic. I find it comforting that 1+1 always = 2. I didn’t get why “put” & “but” aren’t pronounced the same. And no matter what, Jazz wouldn’t leave you on the streets but that was an awesome post with your stream of consciousness. Good luck with EVERYTHING!


  4. deedles

    Don’t know anything about casts. The only thing I ever broke was my dignity when I tripped and face planted in front of a rib joint with a bunch of winos for an audience *shudder*. Thirty years later I’m still traumatized. Math? Graduated tenth in my high school class, got up to beginning calculus. I can’t add or subtract sevens and nines to this very day. Maybe the class of ’74 was just stupid. You’ll be okay punkin.


  5. Annika

    Good luck with your finals – I’m sure you’ll beat the evil !
    For the cast – the scrub and the lotion and let Jazz kiss it better :-)


  6. Alder

    *HUGS* Good luck with the algebra, I struggled with maths, too.

    As for your arm, I’m sure Nurse Jazz will be on hand to apply scented oils and unguents, particularly if you are wearing gorgeous frillies like the pair in the pic. :)


  7. Charlie Cochet

    Big hugs to you, Thorny! I feel your pain on both accounts. Art and English were always my best subjects while Math was beyond me. I barely got by, and seriously, I have yet find a situation in which it’s been necessary for me to know the answer to a Quadratic Function!

    I also had a cast in the 80s when I was a kiddie, and although my hand felt funny when the cast came off, everything was as it should have been, so I’m sure your hand will be just as cute as it was before. Besides, I’m sure Jazz will be more than happy to kiss it and make it all better afterwards. <3


  8. The thing that’s wrong with algebra is that after that comes Calculus. And then Calculus-based Physics.

    THAT is the true evil.

    (True story: when I found that I was putting in 40+ hrs a week on Calculus homework, and still only just BARELY scraping a low B, I decided against the career in science, disappointing my PhD-in-biochem Mom and my accountant dad in one Fell Swoop…Also, I’m still hoping to get back to school one day. If I can figure out what I want to be when I grow up.)


  9. Ok, first? Best. Tag. Ever. Sincerely.

    Second, I’m flashing back to my first two years of college, where my math and science books were pretty much surgically attached to my hand, and I literally had them open whenever I had 30 seconds to spare – like at stop lights. And during other classes. I took all my math and science back-to-back, too, to get it out of the way, to strike while my brain was in that space, and so I could reward myself with lots of Lit classes once they were done!

    Much luck on your exams! And, I find cocoa butter oil is awesome for ANYTHING – I’m sure “cast arm” would be no exception. It smells nice, too!


  10. Okay, deep breath, Sunshine! Do you have a tutor for Algebra? They’re awesome. And about the cast, just think of it as experience for when your hero in some future book breaks his bones saving the man of his dreams! :)


  11. I, too, am mathily challenged so I absolutely feel your pain. And, I second the scrub, lotion, and sweaters suggestions. Really, it’ll be OK. It’s a curse to have such an overactive imagination sometimes, isn’t it?


  12. A gadzillion (a precise, technical number – believe me) of people have broken an appendage and after a few weeks of rebuilding muscle no one can tell the difference. Don’t stress over it. Just look forward to no longer bopping Jazz with the cast.

    I hear you about numbers, although for me it was calculus. My strange though lovable husband takes math classes for fun (!) and he says numbers are your servants, don’t let them boss you around. Best of luck with the algebra. I’m betting you’ll do fine. ((big hugs))


  13. Nah, numbers are there to be manipulated :) (says another math teacher!) – and woolly sweaters are THE things to wear in Winter (along with the nice, smelly rubbed-in lotion!)

    Hugs for each and every little worry


  14. Juliana

    I know how you feel about exams! I have my last exam if my college career at 4 pm today and am freaking out! And the fear of failing, dropping out and turning tricks went through my mind as well. I hear deep calming breaths help? Yeah, sounds like bull but you can try! Good luck!


  15. I don’t know what it will be like to have a hard cast removed. When I broke my foot, I had a boot that I could take off which I did when I was home. Even with the removable cast I still lost some muscle in my calf. It wasn’t that bad though. I’m sure it’s fine. You’ll probably be so relieved to have it off that nothing else will matter…well except maybe being able to touch Jazz without worrying about knocking him silly.

    Good luck with the algebra. My 12 year old is learning that in sixth grade. Ahh,,,the memories. Yeah, not being remembered so fondly.


  16. Oh, my! My, my, my! He is pretty! And don’t fret about the cast, Thorny. It’s winter! You can hide your gnarly appendage with fluffy sweaters. Hehe.

    As for the algebra…*shakes head and sighs*…you know I’m a math teacher, right? Numbers are our friends. :-D Good luck with your exam!


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