Go read while I implode

So I’m studying like a crazy man and worrying about my cast coming off tomorrow and then I realized I hadn’t even visited here except to wish Carter a happy birthday 2 days ago. {sigh}

What am I studying? Mostly Algebra. I’m keeping my eye on my French and writing some papers, but most of all I’m filling up my brain with numbers. They’re evil, btw. Satan lives in numbers. I do not like them. My mind’s going to go blank while I stare at the test, numbers bleeding from my ears, I’ll fail the test completely, fail the class, have to drop out of school, beg on the corner, turn tricks, and die in an alley from hypothermia. {gasp} OK maybe it won’t be that bad, but still Numbers = :evil:

Why am I worrying about my cast coming off? People keep telling me awful stories about their withered and disfigured appendages post-cast and IT’S FREAKING ME OUT! I keep trying to peer inside my cast and see what it’s done to my flesh, but I can’t tell what’s gone on in there. Am I molding? I’m going to regret having gotten it wet and believing them when they said it was fine to do that, totally waterproof, go ahead. It’s smelled funny in there for a while now. Like dirty, pickled feet. Oh God, it’s probably green in there and I just can’t see it! 8O

{ahem} I know. It’s fine. It’s probably fine.

So while I’m going through this, here’s some stuff to entertain you:

Aussie Space Time Traveller Shannon Boh has a great series of posts called Gay 101 that’s just good information and might also make author brains start buzzing with plot…bees…since bunnies don’t buzz and I’m too tired to figure out what noise bunnies make in author brains right now. Jeez, just go read it.

Then there’s the fact Marie Sexton will be on Chicks & Dicks tomorrow morning talking about her views on Christianity, homosexuality, and loving without judging. I know this because I just scheduled it, so go read that too. Well, tomorrow go read it, but make a note now.

And here’s something pretty because… Oh just because!

shaving in panties

24 thoughts on “Go read while I implode

  1. I’ll just say ditto to everything LC Chase said since that is pretty much what I was going to say! And commisserate that yes, numbers and math are evil!!!!

    Take care and look forward to the freedom of no cast! And as the weekend arrives no less! Excellent timing :)


  2. Thorny, you so funny. :-) Your arm will be just fine, you will not fail any of your classes, and the only corners you’ll stand on will be the one where you’re waiting for Jazz to come out of the sexy underwear store, because you aren’t allowed to see what he’s buying you until you get home. *g* S’all good. Totally with you on the maths though. Evil.


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