My Fugly Arm

mutant smileyGod… The Blazing Arm of Sunshine is gone and left a load of moldy crap behind.

Who’s arm is this? It’s not mine. It doesn’t look like the other one, that’s for sure. I should have blond hairs, not brownish ones. What’s that about? And it’s all skinny. I thought maybe there was something wrong with my wrist still because the bones are sticking out. But, no, it’s just skinny.


You’re all right about it being long-sleeve weather so I can hide it until it looks normal again. I’ve been promised it will eventually appear human. I feel like a molting gorilla.

Well, it’s working pretty good, so I can’t complain too much. The little bit of physical therapy isn’t annoying and just moving feels pretty good.

The washing definitely helped with the icky smell and to get the dead skin off. Seriously, there was dead skin like a python shed in there.

blushing smiley

The lotion feels nice and smells all summertimey too. Having Nurse Jazz apply it has been brilliant and I even found occasion to use my hand for…a couple somethings…I haven’t been able to do for ever so long because I’m just not that skilled with my right hand. Jazz is also happier now.



This will be the last post from me until finals week is over. My last final is on Wednesday, but I’m taking the week off of work and having myself a mini vaca. I will probably pop in just to see what’s happening. Jazz and Alec have promised that they have everything under control for the Christmas Story List for Monday — so go add more books if you think of any! There are also a couple “something else’s” that they’re being sneaky about. Since the last time they were conspiring I got cowboys, I’m thinking this could be a good thing ;)

21 thoughts on “My Fugly Arm

  1. Don’t worry, Sunshine. Your arm will be back to normal in no time and you’ll ace your finals. So I say so it shall be. :-)

    Have a nice post-finals mini vacay and get yourself those arm cosies Alder posted a link for. Those are gorgeous and you’d totally rock them!


  2. Sadonna

    Good luck with the finals! Your arm will be better in no time and hopefully you’ve got a pretty long semester break to “work” on it with Jazz ;)


  3. Annika

    The return of the zombi arm
    It’ll be soon back to the way it looked like and you’ll already proved, that it’s still in full working order ;-)
    Something can be better than cowboys? I’m looking forward to what they’ll come up with!!
    And of course all the best for the finals!!


  4. Good luck with your finals and with physical therapy. I’ve heard of some doctors not even putting people in a cast if they can help it, since it speeds recovery to start physical therapy almost right after breaking a bone. *hugs* I hope you heal up nicely and have full use of your left. Seems like you’re already on your way with that part, though. ^_-

    I also added a few books to your list from Storm Moon Press. One of them is a collection of holiday shorts that is free up on the site (and will always be free; it’s not a limited time offer or anything). Hope you and everyone else enjoys them! Have fun chillaxing after your final exams!


  5. Yay Thorny! I bet it’s a relief to have that thing off finally. Good luck with your finals but I’m sure you won’t need it you’ll ace them. :-D

    Can’t wait to see what Alec and Jazz have planned but hurry back there is only one Thorny!!!


  6. Susan

    Wishing you all the best with your exams, Thorny. As for the newly unwrapped arm – just be kind to it, and give it some time to come back into its own. And for goodness sake be sure not to hurt it again with any ‘over use’ activities. :)


  7. Good luck on your finals. I would say break a leg, but … no. Not after what you’ve just gone through. Luckily, the withered look will only last a few weeks, considering it’s your dominant hand. It’ll get back to normal just that much faster.

    The other commenter’s mention of certain repetitive motion exercises would be my recommendation as well. Who says physical therapy doesn’t get a happy ending?


  8. Tina

    Thorny, my research has shown that lots of exfoliating, moisturizing and hand jobs (for Jazz!) are the best way to get back to your old self! Can’t hurt to try it right?


  9. Sending all the “ace the finals” vibes I can in your direction. I have no doubt you’ll do just fine. You have to be so happy to have that cast off, and even if the arm is gross right now, that won’t last very long. All that PT will help…and I’m sure Jazz will do everything he can to speed the process along! :)


  10. Mary G

    That’s great your arm is feeling good. Maybe the Jazz activities can double for PT and save you time lol. Good luck next week, I’m sure you’ll ace it all.


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