My Artist in Residence

Julia Falls
Julia Falls by TAR

Thorny wrote a while back about getting this drawing tablet that he connects to his laptop. It was a little pricey, but I can see the value in it now because it lets him practice or try something new without using canvas and paint. Unfortunately, he got a program to go with it that had him absolutely giddy over the features after he broke his write.

Young Man
Young Man by TAR

At first, he resisted even looking at it. Then he frustrated himself trying to use his left hand, but the cast messed with his ability to hold the pen correctly. After a while of what I know was torture–he told me so repeatedly–he tried using his right hand, his non-dominate hand, to paint with this new program and his tablet. These are the results. (T.A.R. are his real-name initials, by the way.)

I know I’m biased, but my husband is an artistic genius. Right-handed and he still managed to do this! :)

28 thoughts on “My Artist in Residence

  1. Thanks for posting these, Jazz. He is so ridiculously talented, and equally sweet, to boot. What a combo.

    I can’t believe how lovely these are, and not even with his dominant hand. I took a one-day art class this summer, and could barely draw a perfect circle!


  2. Hot damn! Thorny’s rocking that program, right handed and everything! The eyes in “Young Man” are so alive it’s almost like he’s looking at me. I can’t wait to see what he does now that he can use his dominant hand again. You may be biased, Jazz, but you’re so not wrong. The boy’s got talent and then some. :-)


  3. Alder

    “-he told me so repeatedly-” LOL!

    These are great. Can’t wait to see some of Thorny’s work with his left hand once it’s fully recovered and resplendent again! :)


    1. His exams are over, yes. He’s currently unconscious in the visitor’s chair here in my office, head back and snoring a little. The few words I got were that algebra still sucks but he may live after all.


  4. Mary G

    No Jazz, you’re not biased. They are awesome. Not fair that Thorny is so talented and cute! lol. I love how Julia Falls turned out. BTW could that be a self-portrait? (That’s okay, you don’t have to answer)


    1. He is disgustingly multi-talented…until it comes to anything 3-dimensional, like home repairs or anything requiring a screwdriver. Gives me something to excel at. ;)


  5. I love the colors our Sunshine used in both paintings. And did you notice the young man’s eyes? Perfect. Julia Falls reminds me of a Monet (my favorite aritist). Jazz, I can see why you’re so proud of him. :)


  6. Susan

    To remind myself I looked back at Painting in Progress #1, which is amazing. But the finished painting is stunning! And ‘Young Man’ reminds me of Van Gogh! Biased or not, Jazz, Thorny’s creative abilities, both painting and writing, truly mark him as an artistic genius.


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