Alec’s Old Blog Posts

There’s a new page up there with all the old posts from my blog.

It was interesting reading through them again. I can see the changes in me over the months they cover, especially after I met Carter. Obviously, I’ve noticed how my life has improved this year, but seeing what I’ve had to say about it has been a nice reminder.

5 thoughts on “Alec’s Old Blog Posts

  1. Natasha

    Thanks for reposting your blog. I hope things stay true and on an even keel for you. Take everyday as it comes and lean on those that can help. It’s not a weakness to need help, it takes a brave person to ask for it. It, like the ability to love and be loved, is one of life’s true strengths.
    Don’t berate yourself for wanting to ‘dampen’ the pains of life, it’s been 25 years since my last drink and I can still taste it. I hope you get to the stage where ‘one’ won’t hurt. Unfortunately for me, ‘one’ would hurt so abstaining is a choice I live with. (Am I bitter much! Too bloody right I am LOL!)
    Anyway, enjoy the days that make you smile and forgive yourself for the days you can’t. Does it get better? Who knows? All I know is one day you forget to tell yourself you have to keep breathing, to keep smiling, to keep putting one foot in front of the other (or prosthetic ) because you no longer need to, it has become natural.

    Take care



  2. Alder

    Thanks for posting these again, Alec.

    The part where your mother said she had no idea that you could be so happy you’d glow with it, warmed my heart. I bet Carter’s mother loves the way you make him glow with happiness too. *hugs* to you both.♡


  3. Susan

    Hi Alec,
    When you first came on Thorny’s site I went back and reread your posts that were still available under Alec’s Writings. And now those and all the rest are here, which is so great. The one that always makes me cry is ‘Not Welcomed Here’. So happy that you now have a new and wonderful life with Carter. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to future posts from you.


  4. Mary G

    Hi Alec
    I loved every word. There were sad tears, happy tears and smiling at the effect of Carter kneeling in church. I hope I don’t smile too much next time I go to church. Then there was the LOL at Thorny the Exuberant Pimp! Thanks for sharing all this. I’m glad you’re here not there too. When I hear the song Home now I think of you guys and it’s a good thing.


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