Parts in the Pageant

woodstock snoopy nativityI was wandering around a Barnes & Noble when I happened to discover this little nativity of Peanuts characters dressed up for their school pageant. After I had a good laugh over Snoopy as the sheep and Woodstock as the baby Jesus, I just had to take this photo and share my find.

Add to that the Hallmark ornaments and the 89 items on eBay, and I think I’ve got plenty to pick from to stuff a couple stockings this year.

Actually, I just took this photo because Jazz is a sheep. Baaaaaa! ;)

18 thoughts on “Parts in the Pageant

  1. Oh, Alec, you are so funny!!!!


  2. Snoopy was my teddy bear when I was young, although he was renamed Edward Bear. He still sits on my bed next to my husbands teddy. :-) he got me through boarding school and I still have his paper passport somewhere. (Customs were really good when I was wee tacker, they always stamped your teddys ‘passport’) he lost an ear somewhere between Hong Kong and Heathrow :-(



  3. LOL too funny. You’ll have to let us know Jazz’s reaction to that.


  4. awww Those are way too cute for words! :-D


  5. I think you should get the Snoopy motorcycle salt and pepper shakers, since Jazz & Thorny have a motorcycle and Woodstock looks SO cool in his shades and leather jacket. :D


  6. LOL Too cute. So… I guess that would make Jazz be a bear in sheep’s clothing then. ;-)


  7. Still my favorite cartoon strip of all time. And Jazz as a lamb. Baaa!

    Excellent find, Alec.


  8. Awwwwwww… *death by cuteness*


  9. LOL, great gift ideas. I like the ice skating musicbox and the snowglobe :D


  10. I love that! And Jazz is a sheep…giggle.


  11. Lmao!! Oh, that’s fabulous. And which one are you, Charlie Brown?


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