Christmas Surprise

Alec held back revealing one of the best moments during this holiday week so I could share it. Not that he couldn’t have said, but it’s significant for my family, so he let me have it.

My big brother and his wife are expecting!

Tom and Abby have actually been trying for about 5 years. Given how expensive it all was, they decided on 3 tries and, if it didn’t happen by then, they’d look into other options like a surrogate or adoption. They’ve both had their dark moments, but they’ve been positive and hopeful overall. I’m sure they didn’t see this third try as their last chance or anything negative because they’d been doing research into both surrogates and adoption already. I think they just want kids so much, they’re OK with however they’re going to get them and ready for the parenting to begin.

We all knew they’d gone in for the last appointment, and maybe we’d all done the math and knew they hadn’t said anything one way or the other. Personally, I didn’t want to ask outright and, if it was bad news, I didn’t want to make them share before they wanted to. I should’ve known they’d take advantage of the family gathering to spring it on us all. I really love how they did it too.

excited smilie

Everyone had opened their gifts and things were quieting down while we got batteries into some toys and liberated others from those plastic restraints. My parents were on the love seat watching everyone when Tom and Abby go over and hand them a card then sit down on the arms of the couch. I was watching, but others didn’t look over until my mother screamed and yanked Abby down on top of herself to hug the stuffing out of her. Turns out they’d written in the card like a kid to their grandparents saying they’d see them just as soon as they were born.

And they’re having twins!

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