Six Sentence Sunday: SPLINTERS #5

When I went to write this story, I knew it would have things in it that were personal. I mean, it’s inevitable that I’ll draw on my own relationship experiences to write about someone else’s. So I did a little research into my relationship history by going back to a journal entry I wrote after the first time Jazz and I really made out. It sparked very many happy memories and I decided to give the experience to Allan.

I lick him and taste the faint salt of his skin. It hits me again, that unique sensation of tasting another person and completely loving the actual flavor of him. Nothing compares to putting my mouth on someone else, even so innocent a spot as his corded neck. I move to lick up his throat, slowly, firmly, and he swallows against my tongue. The breathy sound he makes spurs me on, tells me I’m doing good. I need the encouragement, his approval. My new lover. I smile against his skin, and he grunts a happy sound before pulling my head around to kiss me again.

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