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The Birthday I Didn’t Think I’d See

Today is my 30th birthday. Like the title says, it’s the one I didn’t think I’d see. When I was injured, I figured my life wouldn’t be worth living much longer. When I was drinking, I didn’t want to live this life. When I was in rehab, I started to learn to take one day at a time and not look to far out. Now I’m here, thirty years old.

It’s surprising, but not. Life’s been worth living for a few years now. Better and better. I still have a bitch of a day now and then, dark times that pull me down and threaten everything. I’ve got reasons to look for the light and people to help me back up again now, though. Feeling like I can do this more often than not.

This year’s birthday isn’t happening with a giant themed party. I’m spending today with Carter, just kicking back and enjoying each other. My parents get tomorrow night, his on Friday. Saturday, we’re going over to Thorny and Jazz’s for a friends get together. Plenty of food, fancy non-alcoholic fruit drinks ;-) and good company. Maybe some games and definitely some fun conversations. It’ll be good.

Mostly, though, I’m damn happy I made it to now.


I’m a Finalist!

Thanks to all of you :) I’m one of the 8 artists chosen to have my work appear on the paper samples sends to new and prospective customers.

<3 THANK YOU! <3

I don’t have any idea how much exposure this will result in, but OMG it’s exciting :D They’re going to send me a new sample packet next month. I’m actually hoping my painting is one one of my favorite papers — canvas or giclee — but it might be cool to see it on metallic ;) LOL

I also wanted to say, in case any of you are considering it, I’ve been without Facebook since September, and I can honestly say I do not miss it. I swear my stress level has gone way down since I quit that place. If there’s been drama or raging negativity in the m/m community, I’ve quite happily missed it. While I sincerely appreciate all of you how publicize for me in Facebook, I’m glad to be free of all the drama and pressure to perform.

USA flag

Independence Day

This year, the holiday has a little extra meaning for me and a whole lot of other people: We’re one step closer to being equal to everyone else in the United States of America. I can sing this song with so much more pride this year. I love my country — not necessarily my government and definitely not all my fellow Americans, but this is a great country making big strides in ways that mean everything to me.

So happy birthday, America :)

Alec and Carter are…


wedding rings
Yes, I wrote once that not all couples get married and talked about how many other things we do in our daily lives that bind us together in our commitment…but that was in 2013 and a lot has happened since then. Carter is the one I want to spend my life with, and he feels the same way about me.

I didn’t do anything fancy, just got down on one knee, held his hand, and asked. He said yes before I could finish saying “me” at the end of “Will you marry me?” Yeah, we both cried.

No set date, no venue, or anything else like that. However, a certain someone blond suggested a double wedding someday soon. ;-)