Flash Fiction Holiday Blog Hop

Yes, guys, I’m one of the organizers of a BLOG HOP of holiday-themed flash fiction! :D

Kris T. Bethke and I had so much fun writing our photo-inspired short stories and were so intrigued by how different just the two of us used the photo, that we wanted to see what a whole bunch of writers might do with the same photo. And what better time to offer free stories than during the holidays? :)

Of course, we had to rope LC Chase into helping us get this done — she has awesome ideas and she’s a photo-inspired kinda writer too — so here’s what the three of us came up with.

All stories must be inspired by this photo:

At the Shop

Click to embiggen.

All stories must include in the text:

  1. A winter holiday theme,
  2. A “bad boy” character, and
  3. A gift of some kind (author’s choice).

Try to limit your writing to no more than 3000 words, but 500 to 1000 is preferred. This is flash fiction, which is defined by being brief. Think of it like a specific moment in the characters’ lives instead of their whole story. Continue reading

Spirit Day 2014

2014-10-13 12.48.04

Are You Going to GRL?

Because, if you are, you could get some swag…from me! :D

Really? Yes, really!

JP Barnaby will have about 250 bags full of all kinds of free stuff from various authors. In those, you’ll find a little blue and white pen from me :)


Click to embiggen!

Click to embiggen!

If you track down Mary Grzesik or LC Chase or Anne Tenino, you’ll be able to snag one of a 100 “chapter books” that have all my free short stories in print, including Sea God’s Sacrifice, and the first chapter of SPLINTERS.

Remember last year, how you gave a little donation and got a Sunshine button? We’re hoping you’ll do the same this time for the chapter books. As little as a dollar or as much as you want for each book, and we’ll donate the total to Chicago’s Broadway Youth Center.

Also, you’ll see an original painting of mine in Anne’s CockWalk ;) It’s NSFW or I’d share {hehehe}

And, if you visit LC Chase during her Author Signing, you could win one of 10 signed paperback copies of SPLINTERS. (She’ll also have her own awesome prizes too, so find her fast!)

I hope you all have a ton of fun in Chicago this year! :)

Queer Romance Month Begins

queerromancemonthThorny let me know about Queer Romance Month a while back. We talked about what he might write for his guest post over there and I’m looking forward to reading what he ended up writing. When he shared with me the tentative schedule of posts for the month, I was impressed with the fact each day has at least 3 guests. That’s a lot of people speaking out about queer issues and romance fiction. I’m looking forward to reading those too.

Thorny’s on the list for Saturday, October 11, but I’m going to encourage you to go take a look at the QRM website every day. Why? To support our brothers and sisters in expressing themselves. Whatever they’ve decided to talk about, I think it’s important we all pump up the pageviews, leave a comment, and share the links.

Fiction with LGBT protagonists is still rare and our little niche of the romance world is still small and isolated. I don’t want for this event to be about marketing the latest book as much as I hope to about the ideas and people behind them. I want to see connections between me and a crowd of other people who’ve had those thoughts, lived through that, struggled for this same something more.

So you’ll probably see me around in the comments section and I hope to see you too. I hear they’re kicking things off over at Joyfully Jay’s today.

Rainbow Awards: Honorable Mention

I wanted to post something quickly tonight since we have a special guest visiting tomorrow ;)

SPLINTERS got an Honorable Mention in
Gay Erotic Romance in the 2014 Rainbow Awards!

As Elisa Rolle says on her site: “an honorable mention means a judge gave a rate of 36 or above out of 40 to the book; an honorable mention doesn’t mean the book is automatically among the finalists, could be could be not, but it’s important to understand there are more than 500 books in the literary contests, all books are in the process of being read by the jury, but only half of them will go to finals.”

More than 500 books AND THEY NOTICED ME? :D I mean, seriously, I was just happy to be listed and have people proud of me for even entering. Being recognized is just so awesome <3

And, um, if you’d like to vote for the cover in that contest;)

Half-Marathon Win


That was my time and I’m real pleased with it. I met my goal of under 2 hours and I felt good the whole run.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and an excellent send-off from my boy had me in high spirits.

Running alone was new, not bad, but different. There were other people, of course, and my supporters spread throughout the course, but I was on my own. I know the value of a team and that I function better in one. Doing this on my own, though, felt good even if it was strange too.


Run, Alec, Run!


Carter’s sign :)

The race starts at 7 AM today, so by the time you read this, Alec might just be done running.

He’s aiming for under 2 hours, which would beat our time last year by 10 minutes. I think he’ll do better than that since I won’t be there to slow him down — no ass-smacking or hair-pulling ;)

I’m writing this Friday night on my phone’s app because I accidentally carbed up at Jazz’s parents house and now I can’t be bothered to move. Seriously, homemade Italian food is my kryptonite. It was accidental because, though the whole clan gathered, some of us forgot we’re not actually running the race. Oops!

I think it’ll still be fun to be on the sidelines cheering. I remember what it was like to have people cheer when I ran by, so I want to make sure they have that same feeling. Alec knows where we’ll all be, but it’s not easy to remember where you are while you’re running. Well, he probably can because he’ll be in warrior-mode without us civilian’s holding him back ;) I’m looking forward to seeing him plow by everybody like the badass he is 8-)

Eventually, someone’ll come in here to let you all know how he did, either as an ETA or a comment.

:D Run, Alec, run!! <3