Let’s Celebrate!

This is just a post to announce that this is my 600th blog post :) I meant to say something when I got to 500, but totally sailed right on by that one. So whoo-hoo! here’s to 600! :D



And I realize it’s April Fools Day, but this isn’t a joke. :D It really is number 600 :)

ETA: I think I was looking at the spam comments WP has stopped when I said 2,000 because we’re actually nearing the 10,000 comment mark ;)

Also, we’re “this close” to 2,000 10,000 comments. Just sayin’ ;)

Happy 1st Date 2nd Anniversary, Alec & Carter!

Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss

In honor of the first time Carter and Alec met face-to-face and fell madly in love ;) we wish you a very happy first date second anniversary today. Relive the magic with these posts: Someone Special, I Know What I SawWhen Alec Met Carter, or you can just click on the Carter tag because Alec talks about his “boy” all the time ;)

Happy Anniversary!

Car Accident (We’re OK)

Last night, thanks to crappy weather and a moron, Carter and I were in a car accident. Thankfully, we’re both fine. Some burns and bruises from seat belts and airbags…and my prosthetic is destroyed. That is both what pisses me off about the guy who hit us and also what scares me: if it hadn’t been a fake leg already, I would’ve lost my leg.

Realizing that didn’t hit until the fireman leaning in my window made the observation that I was seriously lucky. I had a panic attack after that which didn’t do anything to help Carter’s calm. I’d already had to talk him down from the fact it wasn’t my leg but the prosthetic that was stuck. Some weeping and hugs in the front seat there and then we got back on track to getting me out. That just meant cutting my jeans and wiggling while two big guys pulled.

Carter’s truck is a mess, the front passenger crushed back. My prosthetic is cracked and bent. Thankfully, we weren’t hurt and the guy has good insurance. He’s going to need it because we’re coming after him.

What sucks about this is that I’m stuck at home or hopping around town on crutches. I honest to God hate those damn crutches. I was on them for a long time and definitely recognized the freedom my prosthetic provided me. Right now, I feel like I’ve backslid to that time before. Hate that.

To distract myself, I’m going to take a look at getting my old blog posts — that are on the All About Alec page — into the blog as actual posts. I’ll tuck them in chronologically like Thorny did with his and pad a few with details from now. Then I’ll delete that page and fix up the Welcome page so it’s correct. Not sure how long this’ll take me, but those of you subscribed will get all the emails as I post everything. So head’s up.

Viva la Vacay!



OK, so I’m not doing the above this time around, but I’m still on vacation :) Totally free to run around nekkid if I want to. All day long. Every day.

Of course, it would be nice if the weather would cooperate with that plan because I’m bundled in a blanket and several layers of clothes right now. And it snowed yesterday and it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow.

Anyway, posts might be lighter this week because I’m going to concentrate on two things:

  • Painting
  • Editing

I’m way more excited about one than the other, lemme tell you.

Writing is fun.

You get to make stuff up and put people in crazy situations, make ‘em fall in love, have them do it standing up in a hammock, shoot at them or drop aliens on them…

Editing is work.

Nobody can have sex standing up in a damn hammock. OMG, what were you thinking? The bad guy is a mutant squid so doesn’t have fingers; how’s he shooting that gun?

Not that either of those things happened in my story, but there’s still stuff that I’m like how did I not see that before? I think writing makes you feel like a shiny new smartphone, and Editing’s like “Dude, you’re just a flip-phone. Try again.”

So then I’ll go paint and be all, “See, phthalo blue loves me. Suck it, Editing.”

But eventually I’ll be unable to paint one more happy little tree because I’ll realize, “OMG, Editing’s totally right! I’ve got to fix that!” And me and my laptop will spend some more quality time together tapping at the keyboard and frustrating spell-check. (I turned on auto-correct once and totally broke the English language, so it’s just me and spell-check now.)

Where was I even going here… Oh! So there might not be much happening on the blog this week unless Alec or Jazz steps up with something. Actually, Alec’s been mumbling about adding his old blog posts into the timeline of posts, so I’ll remind him about that. But if you see me on Facebook or Twitter losing my mind, just pat me on the head and tell me everything will be OK :)


Conquering eBay

If you’ve been watching me melt down on Facebook, you already know how I’ve been going around and around with eBay and PayPal to actually ship the painting I sold (to a VERY patient lady) at the beginning of the month. Well, as I said in there after it happened…

SUCCESS!!! I will be taking the painting to the UPS Store today and sending it off to its new home!



That was a ridiculous amount of work and so much of it didn’t actually need to happen. But there’s this weird disconnect between eBay and PayPal (and UPS) that made a ton more work for ME. For example, I totally get that eBay wants to protect buyers from newbie sellers who might be thieves. OK, protect them. BUT! When the buyer pays shipping, why can’t the seller use that when they have to turn around and BUY the shipping label? I never should’ve had to use my own money for that. I mean, OMG, what if someone in Australia had won the painting?! Shipping there was like $2000! I couldn’t have covered that. And I shouldn’t have had to. You telling me some programmer out there couldn’t figure out a way to release the shipping money–which is clearly marked for everyone to see–and held onto the rest until delivery? That’s where things got crazy and I lost all trust and faith in eBay as a seller, so I’ll never use them again.

PayPal, and especially the woman who helped me, are possibly redeemable now. (They’re also just about the only online money system out there, so I’m stuck with them anyway.)

When I sell more paintings later this year, it’s going to be WAY easier ;)