Rainbow Awards Cover Contest FINALIST

My husband is too shy to promote this himself, but when he told me (and got some prodding from a friend), I had to take matters into my own hands.

Thorny’s cover for SPLINTERS is one of 15 remaining finalists in the Rainbow Awards Cover Contest!

Voting is happening now through November 29 at http://www.elisarolle.com/rainbowawards/covers.php and each person voting must vote for no less than 3 covers.

Spread the word and vote for my very talented husband, author and artist, Thorny Sterling! <3 Thank you! :D


Thank a Veteran


Just remember that, if you go in for a big hug, make sure they see you coming. Otherwise, you might get flipped and pinned ;)

USA: Get Out & Vote

Have you voted yet, my USA friends?

If not, you can use the tool below to find your polling place and see what’s on the ballot.

Why bother? Because there are A LOT of issues coming before everyone from the Senate on down to the School Board that will impact EVERYONE in the country on down to your county. If you don’t bother to vote for the people whose morals match yours, you do not get to complain when things don’t go your way, m’kay? ;)


Remember, you can take anything you want into the voting booth with you, so if you want a print-out or a smartphone full of saved webpages to help you, bring it along.

“This is Sparta!” he squeaked.

Bedecked in… Well, not much… Thorny studies himself in the mirror. “This is a bad idea,” he said.

Sitting on the edge of the tub, Jazz doesn’t even look up. “You look great,” he says while lacing up his boot/sandal.

Representing Thorny

Representing Thorny

Thorny rolls his eyes and smudges a little more eye shadow on for an even darker smoky look. Oh, yes, much better, he thinks, a sarcastic tilt to his mouth. Now I look like a baby Spartan hooker.

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Happy Halloween!

My contribution to Halloween this year.

Don’t be scared. It was made by a fairy ;)

Flash Fiction Holiday Blog Hop

Yes, guys, I’m one of the organizers of a BLOG HOP of holiday-themed flash fiction! :D

Kris T. Bethke and I had so much fun writing our photo-inspired short stories and were so intrigued by how different just the two of us used the photo, that we wanted to see what a whole bunch of writers might do with the same photo. And what better time to offer free stories than during the holidays? :)

Of course, we had to rope LC Chase into helping us get this done — she has awesome ideas and she’s a photo-inspired kinda writer too — so here’s what the three of us came up with.

All stories must be inspired by this photo:

At the Shop

Click to embiggen.

All stories must include in the text:

  1. A winter holiday theme,
  2. A “bad boy” character, and
  3. A gift of some kind (author’s choice).

Try to limit your writing to no more than 3000 words, but 500 to 1000 is preferred. This is flash fiction, which is defined by being brief. Think of it like a specific moment in the characters’ lives instead of their whole story. Continue reading

Spirit Day 2014

2014-10-13 12.48.04