LGBTQ Push Back Charity Event

Go to Diverse Reader, have a tissue handy, and do something to make a difference. Let’s fight back against discriminatory laws and hateful practices that push children to the edge, a place no child should be. Ever.

I along with 223 other authors are offering books, but you don’t need that kind of motivation to do the right thing :) You guys are so full of love, you’ll help me fight back because you love. A free book or hundred is just a bonus for you guys ;)

Here are some images you can share around social media to raise awareness:

Thanks, you guys. Have a good weekend <3

I’m Graduating! A Do-Over

I want to say that, after all your comments yesterday and talking to other friends and family, I’m changing my tune about my upcoming graduation.

See, I forgot what a big accomplishment it actually is. I’ve worked my butt off with classwork for the last few years, but I’ve also really grown as a person. Jazz had me sit down and read back through my old blog posts related to going to school. You know what I saw in those? A pretty awesome person :) Someone who’s trying really hard, making big decisions, and creating a future he can be proud of.

So now I can say “I’M GRADUATING!” :D And do a bouncy dance while I yell it out because I rock and I’m going to keep right on rocking ;)

Yep, I do.

Yep, I do.

Happy Easter!

I know I’m a couple days early, but I also nearly forgot :/

I’ve had a lot of things going on this week (good and bad) that have me feeling like I’m in the washer on the spin cycle. Hopefully, the weekend will mean time to relax and regroup.

Oh and get really high on chocolate. Which will lead to bouncing. And crashing. Well, at least I’ll sleep!

And dream of a flock of these kinds of Easter Bunnies…


How have you guys been?

Got plans for the weekend? Any family traditions?

St. Patrick’s Day Reminds Me…

Of Jazz, who wears a shirt asking me to kiss him for luck.

Of Carter, who came out on this day.

Of Alec, who calls Carter the love of his life.

Of pub crawls I can — and can’t — remember well.

Of listening to a group of brawny men sing “Danny Boy” with such mournful beauty that it made me cry and smile at the same time.

Of a dress my mother had that was covered with tiny shamrocks and how we’d search the yard for four-leafed clovers among the grass.

Regardless of whether you celebrate in green or orange or not at all, I hope you have a memorable day <3

Happy 4th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe Thorny’s been my husband for four years now. I feel so lucky to have managed to do enough to keep him here. Plus, it feels like just yesterday that he was taking my order, nervous and adorable, securing a spot in my heart.

Four years. There’s been so much we’ve done and shared. Exciting vacations, Thorny’s art and writing taking off, the two of us babysitting, spending holidays together and with the families… But it’s the little, more personal moments I cling to.

He’s made me laugh liquids out my nose more than once. I’ve never cried more in joy, sadness, or fear. I know now what making love is really all about because of him. Some days I think the world could end and I’d be just fine with that because I’ve loved and been loved so well.

I hear this song and still think of you, Thorny.

Happy Anniversary, bb. <3 <3 <3 <3