Keeping Busy

bube_busybeeshotaSo I’ve been busy lately. {bzz bzz} It’s crazy how much stuff you mean to do before some deadline, and then time runs out, that deadline was like last week, and you now have a ton of new stuff to do in addition to all that other stuff.

Which is where I am right now :)

See, despite the fact I can’t attend GRL, I’ve been invited by a couple people to send them stuff for giveaways and general attendee consumption. Which is all kinds of awesome because I love giving stuff away and making people happy :) But I don’t like templates and I just went thirty rounds with MS Word getting one template to work with me so I can send a little something off to the printer. I won, but damn, there went half of my Sunday. It’s what I get for putting it off until there was no more time left before school started. {sigh}

I’m also now ranked as a Junior in college which means my coursework is getting more “serious” in that I have to read and write even more than before. I will also be spending significant time listening and speaking only French since I’m advancing up the ladder there, too. Plus I’m taking 2 art classes which will have their own requirements for completed work. So, yeah, I’m a busy bee :)

I have new paintings to load into the store, some to finish for the store, a commission to finish, and then more new paintings to start because I want to offer autumn and winter/holiday items. By the way, there’s a little meter off to the right here that’s tracking our donation progress on the Sunflowers painting :D Yay us!

Oh, and I need to write my post for Queer Romance Month because that deadline is coming. I do have 2 guest posts coming to me soon, so that’s nice, and I think you’ll really like them :)

I swear, I think I’m forgetting something… Oh whatever. I’m taking today to hang with the family and do wicked things to my husband ;) before I get back to work tomorrow.

WIP of Autumn Road by TAR☀ (click to embiggen)

WIP of Autumn Road by TAR☀ (click to embiggen)

A Messed Up Weekend & A Very Good Monday

This weekend, a bunch of us were supposed to go to the Gay Games Rodeo right here in town. I hadn’t mentioned anything about going because I wasn’t sure I would. It’s a lot of stress for me, but I wanted to conquer it one bit at a time. Well, I succeeded :) Sort of.

I was all set to go Sunday morning, but Alec and Carter got either food poisoning or a 24-hour bug. They’d spent Saturday very much indisposed and couldn’t handle wandering a fairground with all those smells. We figured we could take Sunday to rest and then go on Monday, Jazz and them taking the day off. The rest of the group didn’t want to go without us, but couldn’t get out of working.

But Monday dawns like a frickin monsoon and none of us want to see a rodeo in rain and possible thunderstorms. So we didn’t go :(

I was ready, though. I so was. Yeah, a little nervous and all, but I was gonna do it. I’d already spent two days riding, perfecting my technique, saving a horse every chance I got. (Jazz has leather chaps.)

Turns out, though, that the fairground actually has an “indoor arena” :/ I’d have slogged through mud to get to it. {sigh}

But then came the really great stuff. Aside from having another day to laze around with my cowboy pirate ;) I did two awesome things: mailed 11 TAR(baby) orders and finalized a 5-painting commission! :D

Can you believe it?! I almost couldn’t! :D

I am almost sold out on a couple paintings, but more is on the way :) That little availability bar will go back up very soon.

Oh, and there will be new paintings in there soon too ;) I think you’re really going to like them.

I was just really fulfilled and happy and validated by both of those things. I’m an artist. I really am :)

Thank you <3


ART= Project & TAR(baby) Paintings Online Store

ArtEquals_FacebookBannerArt Equals (Art=) is a collective of artists spanning the gender identity spectrum, as well as the globe, who are committed to helping create a better world for LGBTQ people through sales of their artwork. Upon the sale of selected artworks, each artist donates a portion of that sale directly to one of our supported charities.

The artists involved are LC Chase, Paul Richmond…and me! :D In the next few months, we’ll be adding more artists too :) Right now, our chosen charities are:

To help us support our charities, you can visit the Art= site to see which featured artworks will result in a portion of the sale going toward charity. Artists will donate anywhere between 10-100% of the profits they receive for their particular piece. (And we have a brand new Facebook Page for the group, too.)

Which brings me to… :D

TARbabyPaintingsIn the product pages, you’ll find both original acrylic paintings and digital paintings. The prints available for sale are on this really lovely Kodak paper, the originals are on a sort of canvas cardstock, and they both come in a little clear sleeve for protection. Both the originals and the prints are just 2.5″ x 3.5″ so shipping is a breeze for everyone.

What’s in the store?

Sunflowers by TAR. Almost actual size.

Sunflowers by TAR. Almost actual size. My charity painting.

Right now, I have 6 paintings available for sale. Two of them are originals, which means that once someone buys those, only prints are available after that. You’ll recognize the SPLINTERS‘ book cover, Duke’s Prairie Tree, and TJ’s Lilacs. I also have prints of Moreland’s Beach. There’s also a new painting simply called Sunflowers, and 20% the profits will be donated to my charity :)

In the future, I’ll list new paintings — and announce them here and elsewhere — and also possibly donate to new charities from a portion of the profits.

Also in the future, I may offer bigger sizes, but I’m not sure how I’ll do that just yet. Right now, I work with a wonderful printing company to make the prints, I buy them, and then sell them to you. I’m not sure if I’ll do the same for larger prints, or just extend the shipping time to order on demand. But, for now, I’m starting little ;)

Did you see the store’s name?

I couldn’t resist using Deedles’ name for fans of my artwork, TARbabies, as the title of my store :) Being that TAR is my initials, I put baby in parentheses since I’m the original one ;)

For your creativity, Deedles, I’d like to send you any print of your choice for free. If that’s OK with you, please use the Contact Page to send me an email with your mailing address.


Benedict and Me

Thanks for all your birthday wishes yesterday.

Over the weekend, we had my party. It was toned down from previous years, but I enjoyed it just fine. The theme was “Monsters, Cuddly Ones” and it turned out to mean a lot of people wearing Sesame Street and The Muppets clothing. I’m sure you’ll like knowing that Elmo was on a pair of red panties and Big Bird grinned from a speedo. All in all, though, it was a lot of t-shirts, a big hat covered in stuffed animals, and a couple hand-drawn images of Bert and Ernie in compromising positions. And you saw Thorny’s Cookie Monster cupcakes. He made 40 of them. ;-)

Carter said, "Pretty kitty" and distracted Ben.

Carter said, “Pretty kitty,” and distracted Ben.

The title of this post, though, refers to just about the best gift I’ve ever received and Carter gave him to me.

Saturday morning, well before the party, Carter hauls us out on the road. Won’t say a word about where we’re going. We stop at the ATM for him to get some cash. I know the party’s that evening, so I’m thinking maybe a farmer’s market or something similar. Getting more supplies and those places usually only accept cash. Nope. Carter pulls up to PetSmart. He tells me we’re going to adopt whatever shelter cat I want, happy birthday.

That’s my boy over there. I named him Benedict after one of my other favorite gingers, and he’s already answering to it. When he feels like it. I get the feeling he knows his life’s going to be better now. He purrs all the time, head butts me, and will sit on my lap at every opportunity. He’s claimed every window, gotten hair on every surface, and yowls for his supper. A laser pointer and a shoelace are his favorite toys.

Did you know when they neuter a cat that they give them implants? I was not aware of this and thought maybe we’d have to get him fixed, but it turns out he’s got little marbles back there. Must be for self-esteem. He does spend an awful lot of time inspecting them.

During my birthday party, it was, like Thorny mentioned, practically a baby shower. Apparently, just about everyone knew I was getting a cat and I now have everything anyone could possibly need to care for one. Bowls, mats, beds, toys, treats, and boxes of cat litter. We’re stocked for a few months at least.

Last night, I heard my prosthesis fall over — I usually prop it against the wall. This morning, I woke to see Ben backed into the cup of it where my thigh goes. Apparently, in addition to most of my pillow and the bed beyond our feet, my leg’s now his too.

It was a very good birthday. :-)

A Great Big Thank You


I just want to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who’s supported me in the journey that has been writing and publishing SPLINTERS. Your words have been encouraging for years now and to see the things you have to say now that the book is out there really humbles and amazes me. You call me Sunshine, but you all are mine <3

This is going to be a big week for a few reasons.

First, as requested, I’ve added some new items to the Sunshine Shop :) You can now get all kinds of things with the SPLINTERS book cover printed on it. There’s even a very special signed-by-the-author version of a few things <3

We all had a lot of fun over the weekend, but I’m going to let Alec talk all about it on Wednesday. Just know it was fantastic fun and someone finally has something he’s been wanting for a long time. You would’ve thought we went to a strange sort of baby shower ;) Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the official day of celebration.

And lastly, I’ve been working on something for a while now, hinting, teasing a little, and it’s finally ready for the big reveal. No, it’s not another book, but it is me being artistic. I do hope you like it, but you’ll have to wait until Friday to see it :P Deedles, you should be especially thrilled, actually, because you supplied the name of this thing ;)

I Feel Like Somebody


I got a delivery of paperbacks yesterday. WITH MY NAME ON THEM :D

I was an author before this, but now I feel like an AUTHOR. There’s physical evidence, proof right there in my hand. Like some might say, “And what do you do?” And I will take out my book and say, “I am an AUTHOR. See? I wrote this.”

They smell good. They feel nice on my fingers. They have a good weight in my hands. They don’t taste very good, but I only licked the cover once, accidentally, while smooching it.

I am an AUTHOR :)