The Impact of Acceptance

I’ve had some family events in the not so distant past that have had a negative impact on my life because of a lack of acceptance. Some members of my family think I’m weak for being an alcoholic who went to rehab and can mark my sobriety in years. Some of them think I’m inhuman for being gay. A deviant for corrupting a straight man. A traitor for still calling myself a Marine.

Not all of them feel this way about me anymore. The few who don’t have managed to realize I’m happier living my life without pretending to be someone I’m just not while loving someone who’s everything I need in a partner. These people will have me in their homes, around their children, and they’ll come to my home too.

They aren’t who I think of when I hear the word “family” though. I’m related to those people by blood and some of them are worth knowing and I do keep up that bond. My family, the people who I would do anything for and who would do the same for me, are the ones who’ve adopted me into their lives because one of their own loves me.

Thorny and I have both talked about the family before, so I’m sure you know they’re generally open, accepting, loving people. And I know this too, but it still hits me from time to time, and especially when the whole clan gets together over a holiday.

Easter-eggsEaster for this family is a combo of sacred and silly. It’s optional to go to Mass, but heavily encouraged — having an adorable little woman get teary and sniff into a hanky while mumbling in Italian for the health of your immortal soul is some wicked powerful motivation. There’s a formal noon meal with everyone still dressed up and looking fine. We get a break to go home and change, let babies nap, etc. before regrouping to hunt down eggs, devour chocolate, and watch rabbit-themed cartoons. (Not to mention observe the sugar-high and subsequent coma of certain young people under the age of, say, 23. ;-) )

Mixed in with all of that is this bond between all of them that, when it’s turned on me, is strange and wonderful. Men hug and plant a kiss on my cheek, cute old ladies pinch my butt, kids sit on my lap or fall asleep in my arms, and a big guy who smiles a lot doesn’t hesitate to show everyone how much he loves me. I’m drawn in, accepted, and loved and that’s it, I’m their family, their brother and their son. It’s the real family feel around these people that makes all the difference.

Just so you know, I got my prosthesis on Friday and went back to work on Monday. Carter’s truck is currently in the shop, getting repaired on the other guy’s insurance. :-)

Let’s Celebrate!

This is just a post to announce that this is my 600th blog post :) I meant to say something when I got to 500, but totally sailed right on by that one. So whoo-hoo! here’s to 600! :D



And I realize it’s April Fools Day, but this isn’t a joke. :D It really is number 600 :)

ETA: I think I was looking at the spam comments WP has stopped when I said 2,000 because we’re actually nearing the 10,000 comment mark ;)

Also, we’re “this close” to 2,000 10,000 comments. Just sayin’ ;)

Happy 1st Date 2nd Anniversary, Alec & Carter!

Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss

In honor of the first time Carter and Alec met face-to-face and fell madly in love ;) we wish you a very happy first date second anniversary today. Relive the magic with these posts: Someone Special, I Know What I SawWhen Alec Met Carter, or you can just click on the Carter tag because Alec talks about his “boy” all the time ;)

Happy Anniversary!

Car Accident (We’re OK)

Last night, thanks to crappy weather and a moron, Carter and I were in a car accident. Thankfully, we’re both fine. Some burns and bruises from seat belts and airbags…and my prosthetic is destroyed. That is both what pisses me off about the guy who hit us and also what scares me: if it hadn’t been a fake leg already, I would’ve lost my leg.

Realizing that didn’t hit until the fireman leaning in my window made the observation that I was seriously lucky. I had a panic attack after that which didn’t do anything to help Carter’s calm. I’d already had to talk him down from the fact it wasn’t my leg but the prosthetic that was stuck. Some weeping and hugs in the front seat there and then we got back on track to getting me out. That just meant cutting my jeans and wiggling while two big guys pulled.

Carter’s truck is a mess, the front passenger crushed back. My prosthetic is cracked and bent. Thankfully, we weren’t hurt and the guy has good insurance. He’s going to need it because we’re coming after him.

What sucks about this is that I’m stuck at home or hopping around town on crutches. I honest to God hate those damn crutches. I was on them for a long time and definitely recognized the freedom my prosthetic provided me. Right now, I feel like I’ve backslid to that time before. Hate that.

To distract myself, I’m going to take a look at getting my old blog posts — that are on the All About Alec page — into the blog as actual posts. I’ll tuck them in chronologically like Thorny did with his and pad a few with details from now. Then I’ll delete that page and fix up the Welcome page so it’s correct. Not sure how long this’ll take me, but those of you subscribed will get all the emails as I post everything. So head’s up.