A New Niece or Nephew

Jazz here. I wanted to take a moment to tell you all that, over Easter, my older brother and sister-in-law, Mike and Colleen, let us all know they’ve decided to start the adoption process. It’s not a long process and not terribly difficult or expensive. The State of Ohio seems eager to have them involved. While I don’t begrudge them the ease with which they will accomplish this, I am envious. When the time comes, as Thorny has mentioned before, such things will not be so easy for me and him.


 But this is a happy time for the whole family, and all of us are particularly proud of Mike and Colleen for deciding to adopt teenagers and possibly siblings. I’m thrilled by that because I imagine there’s always a rush for babies and toddlers, but those older kids, who are fully aware of their circumstances, may not appeal as much to some parents. “Someone else’s teens?” a friend of mine asked, clearly aghast. I understand, since he has two of his own. It strikes me, though, that these kids could very well be desperate for a home and people who give a damn. Not that foster care isn’t potentially very supportive, but it doesn’t sound permanent to me. The instability of that combined with the ticking clock of impending adulthood would’ve terrified me as a kid.

For now, Mike and Colleen have to take classes on parenting and be investigated in various ways to make sure they’re suitable parents. All of us may be interviewed and, since Mike and Colleen have said they’ll make sure it’s known they’re interested in adopting LGBTQ kids specifically, I’m confident the interviews will go well.

I’m also very proud of my family.

I’ll be sure to keep up on this going forward. If any of you are interested, this is the site they used to begin their search.

Happy Easter!

I know I’m a couple days early, but I also nearly forgot :/

I’ve had a lot of things going on this week (good and bad) that have me feeling like I’m in the washer on the spin cycle. Hopefully, the weekend will mean time to relax and regroup.

Oh and get really high on chocolate. Which will lead to bouncing. And crashing. Well, at least I’ll sleep!

And dream of a flock of these kinds of Easter Bunnies…


How have you guys been?

Got plans for the weekend? Any family traditions?

St. Patrick’s Day Reminds Me…

Of Jazz, who wears a shirt asking me to kiss him for luck.

Of Carter, who came out on this day.

Of Alec, who calls Carter the love of his life.

Of pub crawls I can — and can’t — remember well.

Of listening to a group of brawny men sing “Danny Boy” with such mournful beauty that it made me cry and smile at the same time.

Of a dress my mother had that was covered with tiny shamrocks and how we’d search the yard for four-leafed clovers among the grass.

Regardless of whether you celebrate in green or orange or not at all, I hope you have a memorable day <3


It Wasn’t Brokeback, But It Was Close

I know it’s Alec’s day, but since he features heavily in this story, he’s letting me have this day to post :)

So I mentioned on Google+ that my dad was really upset to learn Leonard Nimoy had died. I predicted he’d want to watch some of the Star Trek shows or movies in memorial — since that’s what Dad remembers Nimoy for best — and I was right.

Sunday is the day we usually get together for dinner, Jazz and me, my dad, Grams and Edgar. This time, Carter and Alec came too, since they’re sort of Trekkie fans.

Now one of the most moving scenes in the movies — and I’ve seen them all — is in The Wrath of Khan when Spock sacrifices himself for the rest of the crew by entering a chamber that will kill him with radiation. I cry every single time I see it.

"I have, and shall always be, your friend."

“I have, and shall always be, your friend.”

But there’s also a scene where poor Chekov gets a wiggly scorpion-looking thing inserted into his head. There’s a lot of screaming. Mostly from me. I think I saw it first when I was too young or something because OMG has the horror stuck with me.

So I both love and loathe that movie.

This time, I’ve decided to just leave the room until that bit’s over, distract myself, hands over my ears, la-la I can’t hear you! Then, suddenly, pounce and squeeze, there’s this stealthy Marine attempting to hug me until my head pops off. WTH?! But, OK, Alec hugs. Yay. A twist to realign my spine once he lets me go and I’m fine. And, hey, I missed that awful part in the movie, so everything’s great.

Later on, I get up for more tissues — it’s an ugly cry kinda thing — and wham! Another death hug. This time, I’m lifted off my feet and spun around. I imagine it might be like what crocodiles do to their prey, but without water. A bigger squeeze, and then he’s gone again.

I’m starting to get twitchy. Maybe I shouldn’t leave the room alone? And he doesn’t say a word, even though I ask what’s going on (once I get my breath back). So now I’m keeping an eye on him, tracking his movements, and losing track of what’s happening in the third movie — which I like for the young Spock needing him some sex so he doesn’t die.

Once that movie’s over and before we put on the fourth — the one with the whales which is so cute — we all move into the kitchen or thereabouts and claim our snacks and drinks. The room’s crowded and yet…pounce and squeeze! Swear to God, something popped in my spine and my left leg went numb for a second there.

Then Jazz is all, “Dude, why are you molesting my husband?”

Alec smirks and says, “Kris G asked me to.”

Excuse me? Yes, folks, you read that right: our own unassuming Kris G asked Alec to hug the stuffing out of me. And he did it. Takes orders well, doesn’t he? Bastard. He made me forget to blog, too.

Of course, then the guys are all about “that’s not molesting, this is molesting” and I’m running around the house trying not to smothered to death.

Or at least pretending I don’t want the attention of a bunch of burly guys trying to hug me ;)

Group hug? Yes, please.

Group hug? Yes, please.


Grams Quote:

You have to be careful with buttonholes. You want uniform wrinkles. Nobody likes a loose buttonhole either. And you just can’t work a tight buttonhole right. Loosening it up can be a pain. So you have to take care with buttonholes.