Tales from the Cabin

Though I’ve commented a bit about events, I wanted to share some more details from my journal :)

Driving in Carter’s truck means Carter drives, Jazz rides shotgun, and Alec and me are in the backseat. While I sit behind Carter—shortest behind tallest—Alec actually has more room since one of his legs comes off :P

Since Carter doesn’t like to make pit stops, exactly 3 hours and 45 minutes after departure, we arrived at the park. Very green, not very sunny, but cool weather—perfect for nodding off after such a long drive. But first, unpacking! (I really want a nap now!) Then homemade pizza dinner. (Yummy!) Then a walk down the road from the “cottages” to see what’s down there. (Photos, photos, photos!)

Then we discovered that the key doesn’t work on the side door, only the front door. The front door with a locked screen door. A locked metal screen. Everyone looked at me and the nearby window. Moments later, I went sailing through said window, but not without smashing my balls on the windowsill. (The testicle retrieval operation later that evening was a success.)

Sleep never needed to come sooner! One bedroom had a queen bed—not ideal for tall guys, but doable—and the other has…bunkbeds. Twin mattress bunkbeds. Once everyone stopped laughing, we started arguing about who would sleep in which room. At one point, it was suggested that the shortest people sleep in the bunks, but then Carter realized he’d be sleeping with his big brother instead of his boyfriend. Jazz solved the dilemma by demonstrating how he and I can handle a single twin bed together, no problem. Little husbands can sleep on top of bigger husbands ;) and even if they fall off, there’s a wall on one side.

In the morning… Ever get an MRI? Pretty sure the shower was built for skinnier and shorter people than (the majority of) us. Carter could stand in it if he kept his head bent and didn’t turn around. There was nothing for Alec to hold onto in there at all. But it was still better than the group shower in the campground—which Thorny Jr. never would’ve survived with his dignity intact.

Another view from the lodge.

Another view from the lodge.

We went to visit the lodge during a break in the rain and ended up sitting outside for a while. There wasn’t any wifi, but regular phone reception finally worked, so I did some chatting and Alec played with an app he got for bird watching, called Merlin. There was an indigo bunting in the area, and Alec played bird songs—and the bird sang back to us! I think there might’ve been more than one, but the one I could see kept flying back and forth between a bush beside us and a tree over our heads. No chance to take a photo—I couldn’t find the bird in my screen, and then it would fly away.

Later that afternoon, we found a secluded bit of shore with a bench facing the lake and not a lot of lily pads to get in the way. (Photos, photos, photos!) But then I was attempting to put a grub—not a worm, a wiggly, white grub—on the hook when a gust of wind flung the pole around and embedded the hook in my thumb.

Everyone gasped, and me, after I saw that the hook hadn’t gone so deep that the barb went in too, well, I pulled the hook out of my thumb. And that was when chaos erupted.

Blood bubbled up and dribbled down my hand, drip-dropping onto the gravel under the bench. There was so much blood! With not one single thing to stem the flow between the four of us, Alec whipped off his t-shirt and wrapped it and his fist around my thumb, squeezing the hell out of it while I’m weebling where I sat on the bench. {blerg}

Eventually, the blood flow stopped, and the little hole closed up to the point we couldn’t see it anymore. Bottled water washed away the blood on my hand and off the gravel—though I’m sure there’s some of my DNA still there. We decided to fish some other time when people with two dogs showed up nearby and the dogs went right into the water, scaring away any fish.

I wouldn't put it past me...

I wouldn’t put it past me…

Happy Mother’s Day!

normanrockwellthanksgivingpieI just want to let you know
You mean the world to me
Only a heart as dear as yours
Would give so unselfishly

The many things you’ve done
All the times you were there
Help me know deep down inside
How much you really care

Even though I might not say
I appreciate all you do
Richly blessed is how I feel
Having a grandmother just like you

And to all the moms out there who care for a child, regardless of your title or theirs, I wish you a day of peace and joy and little treats so you know, without a doubt, you are wholly loved for your devotion.


Do The Sing: Entertaining Toddlers

Me and my (almost) two-year-old niece, Mary Angel, have a thing. She sits on my lap, facing me, and pats my mouth while saying, “Do the sing.” What she wants is for me to sing “her” song: a variation on the oldies song “Johnny Angel.”

So I sing:

Mary Angel. . .

Mary Angel. . .

You’re an angel to me

Mary Angel

How I love you

When your mommy drops you off I can’t resist

Mary Angel

How I love you

How I giggle when you toddle by

Every time you say hello

My heart begins to fly

I’m in heaven

I get carried away

I dream of you and me

And how it’s gonna be

Other babies

Call me out for a date

But I just sit and wait, I’d rather concentrate

On Mary Angel

‘Cause I love you

And I pray that someday you’ll love me

And together we will see how lovely heaven will be

Mary Angel. . .

Mary Angel. . .

You’re an angel to me

Family singing

Family singing

Sometimes I’ll sing while I paint her nails or she “styles” my hair. Usually, it’s just her wiggling on my lap, doing her own version of dancing, and attempting to sing along.

Tommy 3 never feels left out because, apparently, singing bores him. He’d rather play at building things with Unca Jazz and his super cool plastic tools. They’ve built enough “houses” to start their own town — whenever anyone asks Tommy 3 what he’s building, it’s always a house, probably because of his numerous visits to his daddy’s work which are always houses ;)

I’m pretty sure Tommy 3 thinks I’m only good for snacks and taking walks, though he’d much rather chase pigeons than stop to look at pretty flowers. At least I have my girl Mary Angel and the very special toddler-approved “do the sing.”


A New Niece or Nephew

Jazz here. I wanted to take a moment to tell you all that, over Easter, my older brother and sister-in-law, Mike and Colleen, let us all know they’ve decided to start the adoption process. It’s not a long process and not terribly difficult or expensive. The State of Ohio seems eager to have them involved. While I don’t begrudge them the ease with which they will accomplish this, I am envious. When the time comes, as Thorny has mentioned before, such things will not be so easy for me and him.


 But this is a happy time for the whole family, and all of us are particularly proud of Mike and Colleen for deciding to adopt teenagers and possibly siblings. I’m thrilled by that because I imagine there’s always a rush for babies and toddlers, but those older kids, who are fully aware of their circumstances, may not appeal as much to some parents. “Someone else’s teens?” a friend of mine asked, clearly aghast. I understand, since he has two of his own. It strikes me, though, that these kids could very well be desperate for a home and people who give a damn. Not that foster care isn’t potentially very supportive, but it doesn’t sound permanent to me. The instability of that combined with the ticking clock of impending adulthood would’ve terrified me as a kid.

For now, Mike and Colleen have to take classes on parenting and be investigated in various ways to make sure they’re suitable parents. All of us may be interviewed and, since Mike and Colleen have said they’ll make sure it’s known they’re interested in adopting LGBTQ kids specifically, I’m confident the interviews will go well.

I’m also very proud of my family.

I’ll be sure to keep up on this going forward. If any of you are interested, this is the site they used to begin their search.

Happy Easter!

I know I’m a couple days early, but I also nearly forgot :/

I’ve had a lot of things going on this week (good and bad) that have me feeling like I’m in the washer on the spin cycle. Hopefully, the weekend will mean time to relax and regroup.

Oh and get really high on chocolate. Which will lead to bouncing. And crashing. Well, at least I’ll sleep!

And dream of a flock of these kinds of Easter Bunnies…


How have you guys been?

Got plans for the weekend? Any family traditions?