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Splinters is a contemporary western romantic suspense starring Allan Seville, a model/actor who is the victim of an abduction, and Duke Walters, the cowboy who helps Al solve the mystery of who snatched him and why. Can Al really trust Duke, though? Dun-dun-duh… Click here for Six-Sentence Sunday Excerpts and News Posts about SPLINTERS.

WHEN CHRISTOPHER MET HERMAN is the beginning of an unfinished story that was a class assignment to write the moment when two characters meet for the first time. Once I finish Splinters, I may tackle the rest of this one.

Available Free Stories

BOYS ON A TRAIN – blog post link
This is a little free story I wrote for the YA LGBT group in Goodreads based on a photo they put up as a writing prompt. I really liked writing it and loved how the photo just gave me this idea like it did. :) I may have to do more of these.

READING IS SEXY – blog post link
Inspired by a photo of Jensen Ackles reading a book and looking utterly lickable (could be a manip, I don’t know), I wrote about a committed couple and their impending marriage…before for which they’ve been celibate for far too long.

TOAST TO LOVE – Goodreads “writings” link
Another little free story I wrote based on a photo prompt on Cryselle’s Bookshelf. Again, it was really fun to see that guy’s face and get a small story just by wondering why he’s there and who he’s thinking about or looking at.

GET ME IN THE BOAT – Goodreads book listing link
I originally offered this as a prize for a Hop Against Homophobia winner with a cover I designed from a photo I took while camping with Jazz last year. This version has a different cover and is available as a PDF, MOBI, or ePUB so you can have little ol’ me on your ereader!

A note about downloading: I’m using Google Drive to make the files available. You don’t have to have a Google account to download any of them, just the link to the specific file. WordPress won’t let me upload them in here, but they’re available at Goodreads now too :)

6 thoughts on “My Stories

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  2. Thorny, you are very talented! I am so looking forward to more of your stories. Keep writing! :)

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  3. Loved Get Me In The Boat, it is on my nook…thank you very much :) I will be checking back to read anymore stories you put out!

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  5. Are you writing more? :)

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