My Stories

Published Work

SPLINTERS ebook cover
SPLINTERS, a suspenseful Contemporary Western Romance novel about a male model and a cowboy overcoming a dangerous obstacle to their powerful love story. Click here for buy links and more information.

A Work-in-Progress

WHEN CHRISTOPHER MET HERMAN is the beginning of an unfinished story that was a class assignment to write the moment when two characters meet for the first time.

Available Free Stories

Flash Fiction Holiday Blog Hop 2014

Look for posts on author sites published 1-7 December 2014

BOYS ON A TRAIN – blog post link
This is a little free story I wrote for the YA LGBT group in Goodreads based on a photo they put up as a writing prompt. I really liked writing it and loved how the photo just gave me this idea like it did. :) I may have to do more of these.

READING IS SEXY – blog post link
Inspired by a photo of Jensen Ackles reading a book and looking utterly lickable (could be a manip, I don’t know), I wrote about a committed couple and their impending marriage…before for which they’ve been celibate for far too long.

TOAST TO LOVE – Goodreads “writings” link
Another little free story I wrote based on a photo prompt on Cryselle’s Bookshelf. Again, it was really fun to see that guy’s face and get a small story just by wondering why he’s there and who he’s thinking about or looking at.

GET ME IN THE BOAT – Goodreads book listing link
I originally offered this as a prize for a Hop Against Homophobia winner with a cover I designed from a photo I took while camping with Jazz last year. This version has a different cover and is available as a PDF, MOBI, or ePUB so you can have little ol’ me on your ereader!

SEA GOD’S SACRIFICE – blog post link (in 4 parts)
A free short story inspired by a photo that helped get me over the post-Splinters slump in my writing. I’m cured! ;)

SEEING THE REAL YOU – blog post link
My contribution to the 2014 Flash Fiction Holiday Blog Hop where participants were required to use the same photo for inspiration in addition to a winter holiday theme, a bad boy character, and a gift of some kind.

This was my first flash fiction with a group of authors who share photos for inspiration. Since it’s of two cowboys backlit on the range, where else could I go but back into SPLINTERS for a very special visit with Al and Duke ;)

BEVAN’S BUTTONS – blog post link
A bit of photo-inspired flash fiction of a guy running after an escaped Chihuahua for the sake of his new relationship. Includes a link to another story by a different author who was inspired by the same photo.

A note about downloading: I’m using Google Drive to make the files available. You don’t have to have a Google account to download any of them, just the link to the specific file. WordPress won’t let me upload them in here, but they’re available at Goodreads now too :)

6 thoughts on “My Stories

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  2. Loved Get Me In The Boat, it is on my nook…thank you very much :) I will be checking back to read anymore stories you put out!


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