Christmas Surprise

Alec held back revealing one of the best moments during this holiday week so I could share it. Not that he couldn’t have said, but it’s significant for my family, so he let me have it.

My big brother and his wife are expecting!

Tom and Abby have actually been trying for about 5 years. Given how expensive it all was, they decided on 3 tries and, if it didn’t happen by then, they’d look into other options like a surrogate or adoption. They’ve both had their dark moments, but they’ve been positive and hopeful overall. I’m sure they didn’t see this third try as their last chance or anything negative because they’d been doing research into both surrogates and adoption already. I think they just want kids so much, they’re OK with however they’re going to get them and ready for the parenting to begin.

We all knew they’d gone in for the last appointment, and maybe we’d all done the math and knew they hadn’t said anything one way or the other. Personally, I didn’t want to ask outright and, if it was bad news, I didn’t want to make them share before they wanted to. I should’ve known they’d take advantage of the family gathering to spring it on us all. I really love how they did it too.

excited smilie

Everyone had opened their gifts and things were quieting down while we got batteries into some toys and liberated others from those plastic restraints. My parents were on the love seat watching everyone when Tom and Abby go over and hand them a card then sit down on the arms of the couch. I was watching, but others didn’t look over until my mother screamed and yanked Abby down on top of herself to hug the stuffing out of her. Turns out they’d written in the card like a kid to their grandparents saying they’d see them just as soon as they were born.

And they’re having twins!

Because I did it again…

Old Posts Revisited > It’s All About The Glasses

Just some growly, alpha male, man-handling, with a little “gonna make you scream when you come, baby boy” that’s all wrapped up in a bespeckled nerd.

God bless furry librarians!


Site Updates

  1. Didn’t realize I’d never filled in the About Me page, so that’s done now.
  2. With the Old Posts Revisited the way they are up there at the top of the page, you’ll have to peek at the drop-down from time to time to see if I’ve added any new ones. Yep, I’m sneaky like that.
  3. I’m working on bringing back my Book Review posts, but I might end up making them a list of recommendations instead of actual reviews and linking them to their Goodreads page. We’ll see.
  4. My new semester of college starts on Tuesday and, since I’m taking 4 classes this time instead of 2, I may not be around as much. It all depends on how busy I am and whether it levels off at some point. Yes, I’m a little nervous.

I’d like to thank everyone for the 500+ comments and 12,000+ views on this blog since I opened it just a few months ago. Your interest and support means so very much to me. Some of you have said that I brighten your days, well, you brighten mine right back :) Thank you.

Prepare to Launch

First off, our little snow didn’t last. I’m kinda bummed :( The forecast here looks like maybe snow on Christmas Eve. Maybe. Of course, we won’t actually be here then because…

We leave for Michigan tomorrow!
:D {the crowd cheers} :D

Jazz reserved “something big” from the Enterprise car rental people — he says it’s a surprise — and we’re going to tote Grams, Dad and Jazz’s little brother (let’s call him Carter) whose girlfriend will no longer be joining us. {cue music of doom} My mission, I’ve chosen to accept it, is to cheer poor Carter up without making too many references to the fact it’s just frickin’ mean of his GF to dump him right before Christmas. She’s spending it with her roommate. Uh-huh. I haven’t been relationship-savy for long, but I’m thinking roommate is code for “the other guy I’ve been doing while doing you and he won”. Anyway, I’ll get Carter into the Christmas spirit come hell or high water — what does that even mean? — and if I can’t, I’ll sic Grams on him. She’s been wearing antlers with a sprig of plastic mistletoe bobbing over her forehead for 3 days already.

Resistance is futile, Carter. :)

On another note, did you ever read Without Reservations by J.L. Langley? Remember the scene where Chay and Keaton are packing to go visit Keaton’s parents? Chay puts like 3 bottles of lube in the bag, Keaton takes them out, Chay puts them back… Jazz was kind enough to reenact that scene with me this morning by playing the part of Chay even down to not understanding why we not only don’t need the big bottle but don’t need 2 of them! I finally had to break it down and tell him that I know how noisy I am when his Tab A is in my Slot B so we can do just about anything else EXCEPT THAT with his entire family and mine sleeping right next door.

He suggested a ball gag.
I may have to kill him.

Seriously, I’m all for sex. I’m all for sex in fun new places. I’m all for maybe getting a little bit caught doing it. But I am not at all for sex while my father, grandmother, and in-laws are nearby! OMG no. That’s nightmare material right there.

He suggested the gazebo.
I had to…think about that.

So apparently my mission — after stuffing Carter full of Christmas cheer — is to scout out where, decide when, and be prepared for some Tab-Slot action because, yes girls and boys, the big bottle is in the bag.

Hidden Frills

I know I said I’d never wear anything from my little cross-dressing collection outside the bedroom…

Well, never say never!

I didn’t go crazy with it today, but I did wear my lacy blue panties under my jeans and a little cami I found that matches them almost exactly. Some eyeliner and a little lip gloss and all day long I’ve been waiting for someone to look at me weird or say something, but no one has. Apparently, I am not as shocking as I thought. I’m a little inspired to wear my heels next time :)

What made me want to? I don’t know. I just saw the cami hanging in the closet and kind of thought what the heck, why not? I don’t think I was actively looking for a reaction and, honestly, I kind of wanted to change my mind as soon as I got to work. It’s fun, though. I feel all kinds of sexy!

Jazz likes that, boy does he! He requested that I take the jeans off and put the heels on while I make dinner tonight. Wicked man :) I think I’ll make a salad so I can shove it in the fridge when the pouncing finally commences ;) Have I mentioned I love kitchen sex? I really do.