So Amazon went a little early. Oops. Since it’s already selling, I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you all right now.


eBook cover (click to embiggen)

eBook cover (click to embiggen)

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Waking up in a strange place isn’t a first for model and actor Allan Seville, but discovering himself alone and bound to a rough plank in the middle of an open Texas range certainly is. With no memory of who did this to him or why, panic sets in, until rescue comes riding up on a big, brown horse.

There’s more to Duke Walters than a handsome face and sexy drawl. In the arms of this rugged cowboy, Al discovers a peace and safety he never knew he needed, and now doesn’t want to be without.

But someone wants Al out of the way and drugging him during a movie junket in Houston is only the beginning. A world of differences may separate this cowboy and diva, but when danger strikes again, Duke might be the only one who can get them out alive.

I wrote a book. It's buyable now. I'm gonna go relax.

I wrote a book. It’s buyable. I’m gonna go relax now while you read it.

SPLINTERS Cover Reveal!

After much inspiration, some frustration, a little bit of screaming, and a final burst of glowing insight, below is the official cover for SPLINTERS :)

Paperback cover (click to embiggen)

Paperback cover (click to embiggen)

Really different from the original inspiration, huh? There’s a reason for that. See, in keeping with my realization about the tone of the book needing to be reflected by the cover, I decided against being provocative.

Rejected cover. For comparison only.

Rejected cover. For comparison only.

I had another cover with a male model wearing lacy panties, which was all kinds of sexy. But the problem there might be that some people could see an athletic woman instead. To remedy that, I added a tagline saying, “When a male model and a cowboy fall in love, there’s bound to be a few…” and then the title SPLINTERS. That somewhat solved the M/F or M/M confusion, but then I had to wonder: is such an erotic image right for this story?

Yes, Allan Seville is a male model with a love for lingerie. Yes, he tempts Duke with that aspect of himself before they even meet. Yes, there’s a scene or three where Al is wearing lingerie, and one of them is a sex scene.

But the overall tone of the book isn’t erotic. There’s sex in it, yeppers, but I like to think those scenes are more about building, losing, and regaining love. It’s a romance.

So it needed a romantic cover.

Duke takes my hand and leads me up a little incline where a tree leans with the direction of the wind. Looks like a tough old tree, telling off the wind because it’s not moving from this spot. It makes me think of the kind of person Duke is, living out here in the middle…of…

My brain fumbles to a stop as I gaze over the land Duke’s brought me up here to see.

It’s so vast. I can see the horizon way out there. Is that the curve of the planet? Just gold and blue and specks of life, splashes of green and brown, the rolls of hills dotted with cloud shadows. I can hear the wind and my breath and my heart. The sun bakes down on me, and then Duke’s hand is squeezing mine.

Before now, cowboys were just sexy like denim and strength. This man beside me is so much more than any of that. I’m staring at the land, but I’m seeing him. All my life, I’ve been the leaves on this tree, shaking in the wind, trying to hold on.

Duke is the roots.

He moves in front of me, a soft expression on his rugged face, and wipes his thumb under my eye. I’ve cried. Seeing this place made me cry.

“Happens for some,” he whispers. “Gets us right in the soul.”

I think the rest of that scene shows a lot about each of them and holds some important revelations for Al about himself, too. It’s a turning point, maybe. It’s the scene that’s been kind of haunting me because I wanted it for the cover, but couldn’t get any aspect of it “right”… Until this weekend when the whole thing flowed right out of me exactly as I’d imagined it.

I know it’s a simple cover. It probably won’t win any awards or get a second glance from people looking for something salacious. It doesn’t have a single person on it, and I bet that’ll disappoint some people; they’ll say I missed an opportunity.

A couple weeks ago, I might’ve cared. Now, though, I’m content and proud to share this image, these feelings, and say this is my book cover. This is SPLINTERS, the story of two very different men falling in love anyway.

GUEST POST: Non-Stardard Characters & Genre Labeling by Tempeste O’Riley

Good morning everyone. First, I would like to thank the great and wonderful Thorny for hosting my new release! Thanks Thorny!!! Now, what am I here to talk about? That’s always a fun thing for an author to figure out. In my case, I want to discuss non-standard characters and genre labeling. You see, in Desires’ Guardian, as well as its sequel due out in September (Temptations of Desire) you meet and journey with characters that are not your typical m/m characters. Continue reading

GUEST POST: Ta-Dah! Cowboys in Pencil by LC Chase


G’day everyone! Welcome to the last stop on my Let It Ride blog tour and peek into the world of rodeo cowboys. (The official schedule can be found here if you missed a post.)

First I’d like to give a big thank you to Thorny for hosting my cowboys, and a huge shout out to everyone who played along this week and shared their guesses as to what the pencil drawing might be. There were some truly wonderful guesses, and all of them made it into my “to draw” ideas folder. Perhaps one of those will be the art I do for the next cowboy trail ride. ;-)

So without further adieu, ta-dah! I give you the final drawing — a cowboy watching his man on a winning bronco ride.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s still one last chance to win this, or an ebook from my backlist, or a signed printed copy of Long Tall Drink. How? Just check the details below and tell me who your favorite cowboy is.

Happy Trails, everyone!

The Blurb

LetItRide_500x750Pickup man Bridge Sullivan is the kind of cowboy everyone wants—as a brother, a friend, a lover. People think he’s straight, but Bridge isn’t one for labels, and when a sexy male paramedic jump-starts his heart, he charges in with all guns blazing.

New York City transplant Eric Palmer grew up in foster care. While he always had a roof over his head, he never felt love or a sense of belonging . . . until he joined the California rodeo circuit as a paramedic and found a band of brothers who took him in as one of their own. Now, one in particular is making Eric’s pulse race.

When things heat up between Bridge and Eric, Bridge has to prove to Eric he’s not just experimenting with the rougher sex, while Eric must overcome his fears of being unwanted and cast aside. He knows that trusting Bridge may be the key to his happy ever after, but getting in the saddle is much, much easier than learning to let it ride.

You can read an excerpt and purchase Let It Ride here!

About L.C. Chase

LCprofilepic_NEWCover artist by day, author by night, L.C. Chase is a hopeless romantic and adventure seeker. After a decade of traveling three continents, she now calls the Canadian West Coast home. When not writing sensual tales of beautiful men falling love, she can be found designing book covers with said beautiful men, drawing, horseback riding, or hiking the trails with her goofy four-legged roommate.

L.C. is a 2014 Lambda Literary Award Finalist for Pickup Men; a 2013 EPIC eBook Awards Finalist for Long Tall Drink; and a 2013-2014 Ariana eBook Cover Art Awards Finalist. She also won an honorable mention in the 2012 Rainbow Awards for Riding with Heaven.

You can find out more about L.C., story extras, works in progress, and cover designs at her website, on her blog, or on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

The Big Tour Contest

In celebration and thanks, I’m offering goodies for three lucky readers . . .

COWBOYS IN PIXELS: One ebook copy of any title in my backlist. Open to worldwide entries.

COWBOYS IN PRINT: One signed paperback copy of Long Tall Drink, the extended edition. Open to worldwide entries.

COWBOYS IN PENCIL: One original 8” x 10” graphite pencil artwork by yours truly (pictured above!). Entries are limited to US and Canada residents only.

What do you have to do to win? Just tell me who your favorite cowboy of all time is — fictional or real, past or present? Mine is Clint Eastwood as “Blondie” from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly movies. ;-)  Don’t forget to leave your email address too! Contest closes at midnight Pacific Time, on June 4th. Winners will be drawn randomly on Thursday, June 5th and announced on my blog.

Reality in Sexual Fantasy

I was emailing with Kris — who was kind enough to take me up on that offer to chat more from Available Alec — and got to talking about her stories. She was interested in my honest opinion on all of it…but especially on the accuracy of the sex. Anymore, that just makes me smile. You girls, nervous about getting the sex right. It’s not that difficult.

But maybe it is, because I still run into plenty of stories where some poor guy is getting pounded four times in a row while standing on his head and doing a split. Alright, not really–and that’s not a request to try writing that, you hear me?–but it gets close sometimes. So maybe there is some need out there for a chat about reality in sexual fantasy.

I’m going to start by sharing some reality about me and Carter. Don’t worry, he knows and I have his permission to share this.

He’d never been with a man before me, so his ass was virgin territory. And here’s the thing, it was 7 times of trying before I got all the way into him. So right there is something to keep in mind if your character’s a virgin: it doesn’t always work the first time out. He’s tight, it hurts, enthusiasm drops, worries crop up, and it’s just not going to happen. Yeah, it’s hotter if your character’s writhing on that dick like he just discovered his life’s purpose. But it’s more realistic for them to stop, good try, and do something else that brings them that much closer to each other. Not saying you have to, just saying think about it.

Another thing to consider is not every gay guy does anal. Some never do. If I think about it, I can see how some might not want to, and it doesn’t have to be because of bad experiences. Some don’t like fingers up their ass–or putting theirs up someone else’s–so it’s conceivable that they wouldn’t want anything else up there either. If Carter wasn’t willing to keep trying, I would’ve been fine with that because he was absolutely acing everything else, no problem. Not wanting one type sex isn’t the end of a relationship (though it can be the end of a no-names hook-up if that’s what you’re hunting for). The point being, f your character’s don’t do it, I’m pretty sure we’ll live.

So what did I think of Kris’s sex scenes? She got it right. She got it real too.

DrFeelgoodLGFrom Hero Worship by Kris T. Bethke:

Slowly, he pushed himself in. The instant he made it past the outer ring, I shoved my hips back to take the whole length of him.

It was too fast. My eyes watered for a minute at the pain, but he stayed completely still and rubbed my back. Apparently having his cock in my hand had not given me a good enough gauge as to how long and wide he was. I wiggled, trying to accommodate him. Within a few seconds, the pain morphed into something so much better. I pulled away a little, then thrust myself back onto him. I moaned low in my throat.

See that? Alex is eager, a little too eager, and that hurts. But Matt does some good stuff with the back rub. That works because it’s a soothing sensation that helps those muscles relax, but it also lets Alex know Matt’s not impatient for him to let him in already. Alex taking charge of the penetration after that is great too because he’s the one who knows when he’s really ready, right?And then it gets good.

Realism while still being sexy and that’s what matters to me. Yes, I know, YMMV. That’s cool. Do what you want. But I’m going to smile when you worry. ;-)

OMG Look What I Did

So something happened on Sunday. It was a little unexpected. I mean, I knew it was coming, but I didn’t realize it was THAT close to actually happening. And then I debated whether I wanted to announce it yet. It’s early stages now, there’s still a lot of work left, but… Well, I’m about to burst and I can’t contain it!

I’ve written a book.

SPLINTERS is finished.

Woodstock's SO HAPPY

Drawn by LC Chase per Mary Grzesik’s request

I totally did that when I wrote THE END Sunday night. More than one graceful tear, though, because I’m me and that’s what I do. I’m a weeper :)

Today, I’m reading a printed copy and marking it up as I find things I want to fix or expand on. Jazz also has a copy. Once we’re both done, I’ll make some changes and then quietly panic for a few minutes.

Because then it’ll be time for me to send SPLINTERS’ rough draft out to my critique partners. {whimpers} No, it’ll be fine. I’m not bad at this. I’ll be fine. OMG…

I wrote a BOOK :)

Splinters Snippet

I’m sure it’s not a secret that someone in this story carted Al out in a field and tied him up, so I feel this part can be shared without causing horrible spoilers. I have censored it a tiny bit to keep a little mystery intact, though.

Duke stands at the bottom of the stairs. “Al, please listen to me. I did not have anything to do with what–“

“Really? Because she did.” I stop on the stairs, glaring down at him. “I bet she’s actually in serious trouble for her part. Is it aiding and abetting? Accessory to kidnapping?” I stomp down to get in his face. “And if you think I’m not pressing charges against her, you’re–“

He throws up his hands. “She’s not me!”

I shove his shoulders, but he barely sways. “How do I know you wouldn’t lie to protect him too?”

His expression goes stone cold. “Because I want to hunt him down for what he did to you.”

We stare at each other, the both of us fuming…but for different reasons. I can see it now. I stare into those hazel eyes as his face relaxes and I see all his pain. Again, I want to run away with him until the world makes sense again. My face heats and my eyes burn. Duke touches me then, strokes my cheek, and his expression softens. I let him caress me. I just let him as the fight leaves me.

Then he whispers, “Especially when I know it’s my fault he went after you at all.”

My heart seems to squeeze in my chest. “What?”

“He asked how I could ever be attracted to a man, and I showed him a photo of you in the paper that said you were in Dallas.” He swallows hard. “I’m so sorry. I told him how to get to you.”

Only because his face is so open, so clearly showing me his guilt and devastation, do I stay where I am. I don’t blame Duke. Others have amends to make, but I don’t blame Duke for coming out with a visual aid.

I gulp and then admit, “I’m scared alright? You might not have done anything wrong, but–“

“I know.”

I whisper and it hurts, “I can’t stay here, Duke.”

Now he’s too choked up to voice it, but his lips silently repeat that he knows.

Writing the scenes of their time apart has been where this story has gotten interesting for me. I’m worried it’s going to be that lagging middle and make people groan or skip ahead to the reunion because I feel like I’m slogging through it.

But I also feel like, hey, write everything down and we’ll see what stays later.

Rest assured, though, that I’m doing this thing. This is the year of Splinters!