Marriage Equality is HERE


It’s here. They did it.

We can legally marry!


I honestly don’t have the words. I was so afraid and now it’s done and real. We are equal. They have to support us and they aren’t going to fight it.

The phone’s ringing off the hook! I’m so in love with my husband! We’re gonna get married! ❤️

Femme Strength

In real life, I get comments from strangers about how I should act like a man. Even on my most masculine days, I still flame bright — if I don’t, I’m probably depressed, so hug me.

I’m guessing that most of the people who feel the need to comment on my behavior are straight, cis, and God-fearing individuals.

But I know some of these people are friends of friends who are gay men and can’t stand me. Like Brendan said in the video, I’m accused of pushing our cause back 50 years.

I just don’t understand that.

We all owe the femmes and drag queens of the past for our ability to be who we are now. They stood up and fought to be themselves. Why would anyone want me to now knock it off and act straighter?

Blending in won’t free us. Shine on, girlfriends. Let’s be us and damn the haters.

Thank You for Your Support


Alec again. Just wanted to send up a thank you for your comments yesterday. I wasn’t completely sure what sort of reception I’d receive given the topic, but I shouldn’t have worried. You all are an accepting bunch of really wonderful people.

Thank you! :-)

Don’t Impose on My Romance

I had a different post prepped for today, but a discussion on Google+ last night and this morning about threesomes and open relationships in M/M Romance books has changed my mind. I’m going to talk about that now.

Polyamorous for always or just tonight? It’s nobody’s business but theirs.

Sex with more than one man is just that. You know the saying, men can separate sex and love. It’s why we can say it didn’t mean anything, it was just sex.

Carter and I were in a relatively open relationship from the day we met. I didn’t want to limit him to just me, I was fine with it, and it was fun. He had fun too. The guys we sometimes hooked up with had fun. Yes, there were rules to make sure no one got uncomfortable or hurt feelings.

Now, if you noticed, I said “were” because we recently talked about it and decided we were done with doing that. He doesn’t want to share me anymore. While a part of me can’t imagine why he likes me that much — yes, still got the self-doubt humming away in my head sometimes — I agreed that I’d like it to be just us too. If that changes, we’ll talk again.

One thing I can’t stand, and won’t stand for, is other people imposing on us their opinions on what constitutes a committed or loving relationship. Them finding fault with me and Carter because they wouldn’t ever and “it’s not right”.

The people who say that might as well join the ranks of those who say I shouldn’t love a man at all. It’s the same thing: imposing your beliefs on others.

Get your beliefs off my relationship.

Get them off my love.

And if they think it’s different when they say those things about fictional characters, well, it’s not. The words come back to sting those of us who don’t see anything wrong with inviting another person into our bed. Just like it hurts when the fictional bashing begins or the homophobia screams off the page, because I remember when that happened to me.

Read the book, or don’t. Talk to me, or don’t. But do not diss me for conducting my relationship how I see fit.

And think a second about what you’re really doing when you bitch at an author for daring to write so true to life.

Mama Bear’s Surgery

I’m writing this while she’s lounging on my couch watching TV and chatting with her friends, so rest assured she’s doing just fine :) But on Tuesday morning, she underwent surgery to remove one of her parathyroids because it was slowly killing her. I didn’t want to say anything until I knew everything was going to be OK and, as of Wednesday morning, everything is just fine :)

Before Mama Bear (that’s Jazz and Carter’s mom for you newbies ;) ) was diagnosed with having a problem with her parathyroid, none of us had ever heard of it. See that graphic down there with the possible symptoms? Mama Bear could tick off at least half of them, but no one really put it all together. Well, it turns out those things are early warning signs for primary hyperthyroidism and a blood test to check her parathyroid hormone levels proved it a month ago. At least one of her parathyroids — there are 4 in your neck — was failing and going out with a bang.

It’s scary when someone’s going in for surgery. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind, even when doctors call something routine and simple. I sincerely didn’t want to know the details after “and incision in her throat” actually — and she’s got her pirate name now: Cutthroat Angie — but I’m thrilled she might soon become more active and healthy than I’ve ever known her to be. Jazz was saying he missed her being her and he was really upset that it might be just because she’s getting older. I’m trying really hard right now not to pester her since she’s still recovering, but OMG do I want to find out if there’s a difference anywhere :P I’ll resist and make her some jello instead :)

The parathyroid is such a tiny little thing, but it has a HUGE job to do with big stakes it if fails. If you can tick off a lot of those symptoms and your doctor doesn’t know what’s wrong with you, maybe you should get the PTH blood test to find out if your calcium levels are crazy high like Mama Bear’s were. I’m no doctor, but a little test and a simple surgery seem like an easy way to save a life.

Be healthy out there <3