All nude strip club in las vegas.At 70, square feet, Sapphires Strip Club in Las Vegas is one of the largest if not the largest strip club in the world.

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Our club is fully nude. Yes, there are currently 5 strip clubs open in Vegas that have fully nude stage dances. A full kitchen is open 24 hours a day, ready to serve turkey burgers in the afternoon or steak and eggs in the morning.

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For the ladies, there's a male revue known as the "Men of Sapphire" that plays in a separate room on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

If the words "Larry Flynt" aren't enough to drum up some sexual energy, focus less on the name and more on what feels like an endless parade of girls, performing throughout the three-level venue on multiple stages.
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Employment Opportunities The Diamond Cabaret is interested in working with women, of all ages, who have original and dynamic dance abilities, fantastic personalities and upbeat, positive attitudes.

Hookahs are made from the finest Shisha with a huge selection of flavors.
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If you're in town for a convention, show your badge.

Located just east of the Strip near the Tuscany resort, Club Platinum is really about convenience more than anything else.

It's stacked with expert advice from locals on what to eat, where to drink, and what to do.

Probably the most entertaining aspect of Diamond is their yelp reviews.

It's not the biggest strip club in Las Vegas but it might very well be the most popular.

There is one club, Palomino, which had a liquor license and a fully nude strip club license before the current law was passed and they were granted an exception and allowed to serve alcohol.

They are only actually full nude during a small part of their individual stage performances.

The girls here really hustle you hard.

Not both.

They are in North Las Vegas in a sketchy seedy neighborhood.

The only reason this place stays open is that they are extremely good at hustling tourists out of money and Vegas gets a fresh crop of tourists every day.

Vegas guide.

Small, quiet, and close:

However, if you like opulence this is the strip club to go to and it really does not cost all that much more than the other high-end strip clubs in Las Vegas.

So that law we just told you about?

Middle Eastern decor in a nice relaxing setting.

That said, they are honest and upfront about prices and the dancers are actually pretty good-looking.

That usually includes free admission as well.