Always nude at home.And going back to the original post, I'm gonna go ahead and get all feminist about this:

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The way she got down on her knees I thought the dog was fixing to mount her! Here's how much you really need each night. Plus it's good for your circulation and your skin to get out of the garments sometimes. But now that our youngest son is about to turn one and our oldest son is just over three and well aware of the differences between my body and his and his brother's, the thought of my nudity at home around them has stirred up a sense of panic in my husband again.

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Less clothes the better i like being nude at home and sleep nude.

Besides, nothing will make the kids more confused and uncomfortable about nudity than the sense that Dad isn't comfortable when Mom is naked.
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Acctresses in the nude say that our bodies are better at absorbing Vitamin D from sunlight than supplements, and while exposing your skin to the sun for too long can have serious consequences, the dose of sunshine you get if you sneak outside for minutes will be the best natural mood booster.

Once your get use to this you will never go back to wearing clothes.
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Essentially, she is saying, "My body is not an object.

Also, we had a shower with a ledge I could sit on, so we were almost at eye-level.

It's not so much that I dislike clothes; I actually love them quite a bit.

Answering this question may solve the problem.

I remember the first time I was around a lot of nudity on The Playa over 4th of July in my early twenties:

You are doing no harm, my mother walks around the house naked all the time.

Keep on with the Nudie booty and be proud.

Its right and proper that they are educated in the etiquette of when its not acceptable and why but otherwise they will find their comfort level.

Grew up in the country.

I was exposed to a decent amount of society early with brothers so much older than I.

One thing you might be missing is—if the parents disagree, the kids pick up on that.

My son is three and he has always showered with me.

But I have never known anyone, including myself, who had spent time around naked people who thought that it was anything erotic!

And a breastfeeding woman gives them no pause at all.