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Shvedova , A. Following this, a booster ip injection of OVA or saline was administered on day At a deeper level it must appear to be in defence of abnormality. Here, the so-called oxidative stress paradigm is scrutinized.

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This review presents current knowledge on pathogen recognition through different families of PRRs and the increasingly complex signaling pathways responsible for activation of an inflammatory and antimicrobial response.

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The description of collagen deposition has been confined to the RBM with no previous reports of increased collagen deeper within the bronchial wall i.

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These results may explain the presence of eosinophilia in the airways' epithelium of patients suffering from asthma, along with an increase in immunoreactive ETs.

Unbiased morphometric analysis was performed on these stained lung tissue sections according to the principles and guidelines of basic methodological standards in lung morphometry.

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GO aspiration augmented airway hyperresponsiveness independently from eosinophil accumulation and IgE production in asthmatic mice.

The use of aluminum hydroxide adjuvant in OVA sensitization protocols followed by OVA challenge has been shown to produce a robust Th2-mediated asthma-like disease in mice.

Crissman, James W.

A review commentary with 27 refs.