Bay to breakers nude.What a zoo it was, even then.

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What were the chances at any moment that naked adults, so very, very much in love, might suddenly run past? If I happened to be around when the streakers came, I was to quickly look away.

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In the end, there was never really a choice.

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Since stunning erotic danger was the stock of most every childhood obsession, I probably thought about naked runners more than most children.

A full-body tan indicated this was not the first time he had been naked in public.

I turned to see where it came from as another flopped against the side of my face.

Does more than years of topping the previous event mean the funny hat and glasses at year 10 will inevitably become the pink gorilla super-heroes by year ?

Get it?

A man came dressed as Captain Kidd in , according to race lore, starting the costume craze that defines the experience.

What a zoo it was, even then.

Soon we were running, and I found myself sandwiched between a man and a woman wearing coconut-cup bras.

As is the custom in recent decades, a handful of runners chose to wear nothing but their race bibs and a smile, with their junk, boobs, and rear ends in full public display.

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