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He briefly steps back to put his sandals on, while covering his privates with one hand, then he gets in the shower. Big Brother:

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Home Article Big Brother:

You decide.
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Hence Twitter's reaction on Wednesday night, praising that they loved the uncensored week two episode.

Which means she went with her original target:
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From taking a stroll outside in the buff to lying down on the kitchen table fully nude, Onorato might just be allergic to wearing clothes.

He's Southern, he's got an accent, perfect.

By Sunday night, after Danielle and Shane are nominated, Monte is complaining about Danielle's "attitude.

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I'm not sure what that piece of clothing is, but I am sure that I don't care.

They hate Cornbread and now they're coming after me

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The biggest twist in this group is a set of sisters from Grandbury, Texas:

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And while Justin definitely has some colorful stories and doesn't always refer to women in the most respectful way, Monte is just as bad.

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