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Just because someone might choose to reduce you to your sexuality, and just because the male gaze is present, does not have to mean that this is the only thing guiding women who choose to be photographed sexily. Your knees are weak, your arms are heavy, there might be vomit on your sweater.

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We are more than just our bodies, but that doesn't mean we have to be shamed for them or our sexuality.

From advice about popping jade eggs down there to steaming our lady parts, we're inundated with information about what to do with our vaginas.
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Barely a week goes by without another weird and wacky wellness trend hitting the internet — from Kardashian-approved vampire facials to colonics, to an.

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The latter may just be me, but I remember taking my first naked selfie because I remember my revulsion at seeing it.

The idea of consuming special "good" bacteria to supposedly aid digestion,.

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And so, I took another picture.

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These examples made me feel like my future was destined to be shaped by my weight, and seeing my body through the lens of my grainy little phone camera was horrifying because it only reinforced the feeling further.

The naked selfie seems to attract an ongoing cycle of dispute— legally, culturally and economically.

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Why do you need to be constantly reaching for your water bottle while your.