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Most involved torture. If you want to see it, I can get it to you. The people that performed with my dad in the play don't remember this and a whole audience full of people didn't see this. Crane told his son that he was planning to end his relationship with a friend police believed was bisexual.

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The Scottsdale police reviewed the tape and they could see that she was mugging for the camera and looking right into it.
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Meanwhile, his father's second wife, Patti Olson, whose stage name was Sigrid Valdis when she played Hilda on Hogan's Heroes, had gotten Crane's will changed so that she and her children were the sole inheritors of Crane's estate.
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Adding to his fortune!

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He said, 'I wish when I finished with them I could just push a button and they'd fall through the floor and disappear.

I just have wonderful memories of my dad and my years growing up.

Son Robert Crane was 16 years old when his dad introduced him to his sex fetishes.

His daughter Karen Crane recalls Bob as an ideal father.

Scotty was only 7 at the time of his father's murder and was even fingerprinted during the investigation of the crime.

Missing from the crime scene was an album of Polaroids of naked women and a second tripod.

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Crane even had set up a portable darkroom in a separate bedroom in his apartment so that he could quickly and privately develop the still images.