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Then she shrugged her shoulders vigorously. The tide was slowly turning against capital punishment. After five more minutes of preparation, the guards left the room and Laura was left alone. Even in the wagon there was no dignity — the hands were not untied, and the bodies were left exposed without a blanket or tarp for cover.

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She had won the lottery of future subjects of entertainment executions.

She closed her eyes and stood still while he brushed the underside of her breast and one perky nipple.
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His psychiatric assessment describes him as "easily induced to laugh.
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Jo should have looked old and worn from a hard life — pregnant very young, twice, then in and out of a variety of chaotic relationships.

She turned to look at her mother.

Lucy nodded.

Too short, and it would cause death by strangulation.

There would be hawkers of various kinds, people selling pies, jugglers.

When he had waited long enough the hangman bent his knees to brace himself.

Judy gestured to the women when she said it.

While those sentenced to death for murder were usually pardoned and sentences commuted to life imprisonment, those guilty of high treason were usually executed.

She had to go about three feet to the exact center of the doors.

She cried the whole way there.

But it felt great to get extra oxygen into her bloodstream.

When I asked what it was Sandy turned the light on in the car.

Did the job ever weigh heavy on him?

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Now, please remember that this will not kill you.

After enough time, they dropped the body to the ground.

Finally, after what felt like hours, the pain stopped and Laura was allowed to return to her cell.

The chief execution technician had decided that this would produce the longest possible execution for her, at an estimated 19 minutes 30 seconds.