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One fateful day in Harbor City, Jarrod was approached by Storage Wars staff and asked to appear on the show. A storage locker in California can only go up for bid if the rent hasn't been paid after a day grace period. Apart from that, she and her partner Jarrod run a business of their own in California. Brandi hates the idea of hitting a white ball along sprawling green land—something she admits she is not and perhaps will never be good at.

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Those who watch Storage Wars without delving into the lives of the show's cast are most likely to think otherwise.

Selna of U.
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Miami was the only other place a spin-off with the Storage Wars format was used.

This couple is entertaining in short bursts as part of a larger cast, but nobody really wants to see them play home with their kids.
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For someone who clearly cares about how she looks, why does she let her partner look like the guy from the bar who goes home alone at the end of the night?

But she won the case, so it's something.

Not to be ignored is the fact that the couple had to hurdle financial woes in the past when Now and Then Thrift Store, their very first venture during nude jenny mccarthy video starting days of Storage Wars, failed.

The two didn't hit it off at first and both swear it wasn't love at first sight.

The suit says that Passante first became aware of the images when she received a tweet reading, "Love the pics" from Is Anyone Up's Twitter account.

Passante claims that the images are fake.

Also called kinetosis, motion sickness happens when the sensory organs are sending mixed signals to the brain causing people to be dizzy or nauseous.

It is the sport that's been stereotyped as the rich wo man's game, after all.

Not Brandi.

She knew her stuff since she owned her own storage facility.

When asked about having their two children follow their example and take on the business in the future, Brandi was quoted to have said, "Lord, I hope not!

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Yup, that indispensable colored stick that we're all sure to find in every woman's handbag.

Despite all the signs pointing to a happily ever after as a married couple, the two are not officially husband and wife.