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If there had been Internet back in , he would have broken it. In his quest to drum up work, he created Malecopywriter.

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In he fanned the fan mail flames by publishing the forgettable title:
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I was flattered and intrigued.

He chose the photo that appeared in the magazine himself.
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But despite his physical ailments, he's enjoying getting out and about for TV appearances and film festivals.

My personal affection for guys with hairy chests was definitely caused by me finding my mothers copy of Cosmopolitan with the Burt Reynolds centerfold when I was 10 years old….

InReynolds told Business Insider he felt the photo harmed his reputation as a "serious actor," and that Deliverance suffered because of the centerfold.

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During a commercial break, she invited me to be the first male nude centerfold of the magazine.

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Still, Burt revealed he needed a fair amount of Dutch courage before shedding his clothes and posing on the bearskin rug.

But over the years, Reynolds grew to have a complicated relationship with the photoshoot that turned him into a sex symbol.

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Throughout his career, Reynolds starred in more than films, won Golden Globe and Emmy Rhianna leaked nude photos for his roles in gritty action movies and romance films, and was known for doing many of his own dangerous stunts.

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He chose the photo that appeared in the magazine himself.