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I have however reacted to being jumped on a few occasions by drunks, rednecks, and a few others , and I think that I can hold my own. Did you want her to lie?

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But then YOu judge others for what they believe in.

I mean if you are going to be chastised for your sexual preference might as well jump in head first and make it count!
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I do NOT say this to incite hatred or polarization.

Now everyone will know what kind of a person she was.

Get over it, you people need serious help and picking on some beautiful, honest, and moral young lady will not get you any closer to being right.

It is wrong.

Marriare is only a religious institution in recent memory.

OMG is that what this country is all about now, we can not have opinions?

Insurance for spouses, death benefits, etc….

Canada U.

It has been and should remain a religious contract not a civil contract!

Yes, she shouldve stayed neutral on a question like that but all she did was express her opinion.