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We still need to discuss your punishment. Each had a board of directors with about 12 members, typically men.

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In a few cases, the boys were photographed swimming nude and the photographs published in the town newspaper.

The Y offered both organized lessons and teaching the fastest stroke possible, verified by the Olympics, the crawl stroke.
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Aunt Virginia told me about growing up in the days before World War I in an open and candid way I would never have heard from anyone else.

It's still not going down.
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It wasn't until a few years later I learned of such things, but it wasn't from my parents.

I opened my eyes and saw her looking down at my stiff organ, concentrating on working it, a slight sheen of perspiration on her forehead and upper lip.

I realize now that they probably had never seen a naked boy, particularly since they had no brothers.

The Modern Sanitation magazines carried articles describing how all the major rivers were polluted but men and boys still bathed in them.

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During the remaining days of my summer vacation, I remember not taking my clean clothes with me to the bathroom to shower because afterward, I'd dry off, hang my towel and walk down the hallway naked to dress in my room.

Bowler asserted, "First thing we'll do is jumping jacks, so spread out, face each other, and get to jumping.

Both the women would look at them, sometimes openly, sometimes surreptitiously, and roll their eyes, smile, sometimes smirk, sometimes shake their heads, but they did keep their word; no boy was every humiliated for it, they just carried on as though nothing had happened.

Well, you have my sympathy, for what it's worth.

I asked someone what was going on.

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Boys drowning was the second leading cause of death, before age 16, after disease.

Bear in mind, air conditioning wasn't a widespread luxury that it is today.

Hadn't even masturbated for a month and a half.