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Yet the system was intransigent, despite letters to the editor in the Daily Telegraph, The Independent and the Evening Standard, the latter of which printed Russnow's letter of outrage towards the Ceremonial Secretariat under the banner: Unlike Ingrid Bergman or Greta Garbo, who became international film stars, they were in fact Swedish actresses, also appearing theatrically in their countries, as did Simone Signoret perform in France. It's rather obvious.

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OR and WP:

So, they wrote to the PM, and were essentially given bureaucratic thanks, as if to say, "We'll consider her.
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Appropriate cinematography by Philip Lathrop with good aerial scenes though is necessary a perfect remastering.

At this time the sport of skydiving was in it's infancy and not like today where just about every county fair and football game has a skydiving display of some kind.
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Then there was that pretentious image of the 'English Rose' which would have gotten up the noses of some diehard Scots; who would have just taken the view, again not unnaturally, that she was just shedding her honest Scottish persona for this phoney manufactured one so typical of the annoyingly affected 'English Lady', in order to endear herself to the 'auld enemy' and possibly even pass herself off as English.

To call it a "revelation" is to call what had alledgedly happened to be true.

Would this:

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Perhaps they believed, and not without justification, that if she'd been a true Scotswoman, she would have insisted that it be pronounced properly.

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