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We have to say, while the wrestling lifestyle may severely take its toll on some people, Maria is looking fantastic these days. Log Files Like most standard Web site servers, we use log files. It made her a major star but also an ego to match and soon pushed out of the company in a cloud.

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Her stay in the WWE was short-lived, but her impact was drastic and widespread, so much so that it had non-TNA fans tuning in simply to see her in the ring.

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Hemme is another diva on this list to have appeared in an incredibly popular edition of Playboy magazine.

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Periodizationconsistsprimarilyof three phases:

We aren't actually sure which publication she was posing for, but the pictures are about as great as you'd imagine.

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She has also played a zombie in a horror flick and, presumably, was still super hot.

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A larger-than-life personality, Sunny managed a variety of tag teams, from The Godwinns to Legion of Doom.

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She also had memorable feuds with Christy Hemme and Torrie Wilson.

She did some modeling work including several nude shots and showing off her lithe body but Kim remains one of the best workers today and her exotic looks even hotter out of her working clothes.

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