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Kaleight Gilchrist: She was technically kidnapping Jenny.

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But what exactly are they?

Most people agree that we are, to a great extent, products of our experiences.
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Home is part of how we define ourselves.

The ability to observe how my mind may respond to a situation and having a choice in how it responds.
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Of course, due to the massive increase in cheap and readily available processed food, our intake of salad and other vegetables has also greatly declined.

Jenny grew up Jewish.

Where I once had no reason to distrust them, I was suddenly suspicious.

Using neuroscience and specific, customized coaching techniques, she helps her clients find growth, passion, and joy by releasing the past and attracting their soulful desires while standing firmly in the present.

I think that in order to be healthy we need to maintain a basic level of awareness and practice in health, even when our focus may be elsewhere.

I think the original promise of giving time back to allow us to do more important things will be the reality.

Point and Periphery By Jennifer G.

Reducing the pay of employees was on the table, as was using plastic instead of glass… the list goes on.

In the midst of seeming madness, wonder feels like a lifeline.

With a serious touring schedule fronting for — and then headlining with — such.

The Newport surf community lost one of the happiest and most positive groms in

We are like droplets falling into water, and we can make huge ripples simply by being a reflection of what we want to see.