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Rose as a part of their pictorial display, as April's titanic inch twins--and long legs get more seductive with each passing image!
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Her Playboy appearance was in the same year as her Olympic medal, and after that she retired from competing, opting instead for a career as a coach; operating her own swimming school.

Not exactly what Aristotle, the "first teacher" of Classical Greece had in mind when he created higher education, but welcome to collegiate commercialism of the 21st century.
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Once her crazy collegiate days were behind her, Amanda became a Boston Celtics reporter in

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Because Gronk has, you know, options when it comes to the opposite sex.

Lauren, who posed naked with a softball glove in one of her Body Issue shots, can be seen in another powerful image resting a bat on her shoulder.

Once her crazy collegiate days were behind her, Amanda became a Boston Celtics reporter in

God bless America!

These days Anita Marks is a radio personality and sideline reporter for football.

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Many female athletes over the years have been ready to shed their inhibitions when it comes to photoshoots.

If the Jets' behavior on the practice field wasn't egregious enough, Ines claimed the players in the locker room were making her feels so uncomfortable, she Tweeted her displeasure.

This blonde babe has a lot on her iCloud calendar--host and reporter for Fox Sports 1 and NBC, as well as co-host-with-the-most for the syndicated entertainment program Extra.

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